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  1. Hi everyone! In late February I posted this topic regarding my thesis research. Today, I’m happy to present the results of this research. First of all though, I want to thank those of you who filled out the survey or participated in the forum discussion. Without you, I could not have written this thesis. Here is the abstract: If anyone is interested, the full report can be downloaded here. I will also present the results via live video stream this coming Monday at 15:30 (Amsterdam time) - this is the link to the MS Teams meeting. Questions or comments are more tha
  2. @brett thanks for elaborating. Yes your answers so far are absolutely helpful, as they (to me) represent a very rational perspective on the topic that is hard to disagree with. However, much of what we do/think/believe as humans is subconscious. While we often think we know why we do things and we rationalise the reasons for our actions, very often there are other forces at play that we are not aware of. I do wonder, and this is something that I cannot hope to answer with my research but I do hope to shed a little bit of light on, what being exposed to a slight feeling of 'flying somewher
  3. @brett thanks for your elaborate response! You make a good point with how people write down the stories, and how they actually think about them. While they sound real (e.g. "I was flying from London to New York the other day"), we all know that we were actually sitting at home. What I do wonder though is this: you say you wouldn't consider it a form of (virtual) travel, or at most just a way of learning about other places. But would that perhaps have the opposite effect of stimulating an appetite to travel to some of these places? Have you yourself flown over any place in MSFS thinking about a
  4. Hi Brett, thanks for your input! I absolutely see your point - MSFS is indeed a flight sim first and perhaps a 'world sim' or virtual tourism medium, second. And if I understand you right, if you're in it for the flying, the aviation dynamics/realism are of course the most important requirements by far. Your point about the senses missing is also extremely valid - this makes it highly doubtful that, for the average person, real travel could be fully simulated virtually. But could it provide a very slight sense of being somewhere else? Does MSFS give a tiny taste of that feeling, even if
  5. Hi everyone! Do you use the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator? Then please keep on reading! Contribute to scientific research by filling out a short 10 min. survey and sharing your experiences in this forum. MSFS 2020 can easily be considered a new form of virtual tourism: travel without ‘real’ travel. But could this substitute a vacation-feeling to some degree? And why/how? My master’s thesis on Virtual Tourism and Travel will try to answer these questions. From a personal perspective, this topic really fascinates me: I am both an avid traveller (at least, in ‘normal’ times!)
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