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  1. Much loved & respected Bert Mercer started New Zealand (NZ)'s 1st licensed airline with his De Havilland Fox Moth in 1934 servicing the rugged, west coast of NZ's South Island. His airline, Air Travel (NZ) Ltd, grew in scope & popularity & provided valuable service during WW2. It ceased operations when subsumed by NZ's nationalisation of its airlines in 1947. Mercer himself died tragically as a passenger in one of his own aircraft in 1944. Hope you find it interesting. Cheers. https://youtu.be/axpEotPaHYQ?si=WwgKzG5M4jzLbrzQ
  2. The beautiful, iconic Coral Route through the South Pacific in the 1950s between New Zealand (NZ) & Tahiti was the last flying boat route in the world. The Short Solent IV flying boat flying that route is preserved in an Auckland, NZ, museum & is the last remaining Short Solent in the world. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  3. Seems good to me. Love the water-masking. Cheers.
  4. Following MSFS's recent World Update of The Caribbean, plus additional water-masking, now is a good time to visit The Caribbean in MSFS. So come learn about the little-known importance of The Caribbean in WW2 & visit some of the American WW2 airfields there. We'll also take the opportunity to visit 3 present-day iconic airfields. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  5. Thanks Brett. I strongly agree with you. When learning to fly, and when undergoing flight reviews, and in the official documentation, “see and avoid” or “ see and be seen” is so strongly emphasised when flying VFR, but YouTubers can fill their cockpits with cameras and fly VFR while talking to their cameras, and the authorities say and do nothing! They are probably waiting for more YouTuber accidents! Cheers.
  6. Thanks Brett. There is so much history behind your 2nd para, but it would have made my video too long. Another aspect was that civil and military ATC were forced to coordinate after years of bickering. Cheers
  7. At 10.31 am, on 30 June 1956, TWA & UAL airliners collided mid-air over the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, & crashed into the Canyon. All 128 people on the airliners perished. At the time, it was the worst aircraft accident in the USA. It shocked the nation & the world. It led to the eventual radical improvement in ATC through changed procedures, new technology & more personnel. Hope this video helps us to fly even more safely.
  8. Come see this sad video about Australia's only mid-air collision between two civil aircraft in IFR flight. It happened in 2020 & took the lives of four people including my own CFI. It should never haver happened. We'll look at the circumstances of the accident & what's been done since to help prevent the same sort of thing happening again. Again, the Swiss Cheese Model of Accident Causation applies here. Hopefully this video will help those of us who fly for real to be even more safety conscious.
  9. Have you not already heard of the WW2 Black Sheep Squadron led by Colonel .Greg "Pappy" Boyington in the Solomons & New Guinea in 1943/44? Well, here's an introduction to one of WW2's most successful military units, one that produced a multiple Fighter Ace & 8 other Aces. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  10. The history of aviation in Scotland is basically the history of the Scottish Aviation company at Prestwick Airport before, during & after WW2. It is both inspirational & sad. I found it absolutely fascinating - I hope you do to. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  11. Thanks very much Brett. I particularly could not understand not descending (through cloud) towards the bay as per the airline’s stated procedure. The dreaded complacency maybe. Cheers and happy holidays.
  12. The crash of a DC-2, Kyeema, in the Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne, Australia, & the loss of all onboard - 4 crew & 14 passengers - led to a national outcry & high-level Inquiry that subsequently led to the development of one of the world's 1st Air Traffic Control systems that became a model for other countries. Hope you enjoy. Cheers. https://youtu.be/MwXh2mq9OFs?si=XRtJw4nvdf4wesXS
  13. Come visit my Top 10 Australian aviation museums from all around Australia. For each museum we visit its home/nearest airfield & show 3 selected aircraft from the museum. The MSFS videos are from an Australian CAC Wirraway aircraft. See real footage of a Wirraway at the end. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  14. Come see how the British & Norwegians helped stop Hitler's development of the atomic bomb by sabotaging & bombing the Vemork Heavy Water plant in Norway in 1942/43. The bravery & heroism of the saboteurs, commandos & pilots was absolutely amazing. Enjoy the views from a Spitfire in MSFS. Hope you like. Cheers.
  15. In this 6th & final video covering airstrips in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for which freeware scenery is available in MSFS, we look at the top 5 major airports & include their aerodrome charts. We take the legendary Ford Trimotor as we do a circuit around each of the 5 airports. See if you can guess the movie at the end! Hope you enjoy. Cheers. https://youtu.be/CfT3dX7lUR0?si=h5dWiaJQ21e-C6Nx
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