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  1. In June 1976, following an aircraft hijacking & holding of hostages at Entebbe Airport, Uganda, Israel undertook a daring military airbourne raid using C-130 Hercules aircraft to rescue the hostages. Come see how they did it & how successful it was. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  2. Ukraine has a very old & strong aviation history with many airfields, manufacturers, educational institutions & museums. Come with me in the Ukraine Air Force-liveried McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Super Hornet to see some of these sights & learn their history. Let's hope that the current war is over soon & that Ukraine regains its rightful borders & place in aviation history. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  3. Come visit the beautiful Scottish Highlands & learn about the mysterious WW2 crash that took the life of Prince George (Duke of Kent) & 13 others. Visit several WW2 airfields & seaplane bases, & learn a bit about anti-submarine underwater electric cables & early nuclear facilities. Enjoy the beautiful scenery too! Cheers.
  4. Join me in a DC-3 to visit Heritage-Listed Felts Field in Washington State, USA. What a beaut old airfield with still existing heritage buildings & structures! See some surrounding sights as well. And have a go at a vintage aircraft & automobile quiz at the end. Sincerely hope you enjoy, because that's the aim. Cheers.
  5. In this video, set in the "corner" of central Australia where 4 States/Territories meet (Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia & New South Wales), we will land at 3 pubs, Touch & Go at 2 oil/gas fields, & overfly 5 homesteads/stations. We will also overfly one of the many Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) emergency road airstrips. Come join me in the popular 1935-1950s military pilot trainer, the North American SNJ-4, also known as the AT-6 Texan & the Harvard, used by over 40 countries. I hope you enjoy the trip. Cheers.
  6. Come join me in a seaplane to visit the world's oldest continuously operating seaplane base, the Como Aero Club on Lake Como, Italy. Also tour the lake and see why it is a playground for the rich and famous. Visit the town of Bellagio, the "pearl of the lake". Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  7. Come with me to learn about the Kargil War in the Himalaya Mountains, May - July 1999, between India & Pakistan. See who won and why. See how the air war was fought. Fly in a fighter jet and a helicopter through breath-taking scenery. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  8. Join me in the beaut Pilatus PC-21 to learn why Albany & Madras airfields in Oregon, USA, are on the National List of Historic Places. See the sights in between, & experience some "Top Gun" - type manoeuvres. Please consider liking & subscribing to encourage me to cover all 70 USA Heritage-Listed airfields. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  9. Come join me in the beaut Pilatus PC-21 to visit Joint Base Lewis-McChord, formerly WW2 McChord Field, Seattle/Tacoma, Washington, USA & learn its history & current role. Also tour other airfields in the area as well as Seattle CBD. See some other interesting sights too. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  10. Come with me and enjoy 3 of the epic flights of the Legendary Alaskan Bush Pilot Don Sheldon on and around Denali, North America's highest mountain. Experience a mountain rescue, a chalet on top of a glacier, and a river rescue. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  11. Second in the new series on USA heritage-listed airfields. Come with me in the fantastic Pilatus PC-21 to visit former USAAF Ladd Field in Fairbanks, Alaska, now Army Fort Wainwright. Learn about Cold Weather Testing, the Russian connection, and see the famed Northern Lights. Please like & subscribe to encourage me to cover all 70 USA Heritage-Listed airfields. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  12. First in new series about USA Heritage-Listed airfields. Come with me in the beaut MSFS Cessna 150B Backcountry aircraft to check-out heritage-listed Talkeetna Village Airstrip, Alaska, AK44, & surroundings, home of Bush Pilots. Please like & subscribe to encourage me to cover all 70 USA Heritage-Listed airfields. Hope you enjoy. Cheers.
  13. Sorry Brett. I was wondering about that myself at the time! Even my wife said that the flying parts seemed a bit too short! Was cutting corners to keep to my self-imposed weekly schedule! Lesson learnt! Cheers.
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