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  1. Just adding a bit more information that may help other potential purchasers now that I have my new Defiant. As Mutley stated, the build quality is excellent with very little flex anywhere. The entire case (including underneath) appears to be metal so not sure where the plastic comes in unless it is the keys. The (metal) keyboard is comfortable to use although I think the clicks on the pad could be a little more defined. Personal preference. They work OK and I invariably use a mouse, anyway. The pad itself feels fine. My only gripe so far is the poor volume on the speakers.
  2. Hi Mutley, Thank you for your prompt response to my previous comment. The chassis metal/plastic configuration you describe is exactly what is on my old Samsung and is fine. Tnanks to your recommendation, I am now considerably poorer, having just snapped up the last remaining sale offer Defiant. There will probably be an even better deal for something suitable over the next week or two, but that is just Sod’s Law. If the Defiant is as good as I am hoping, I am more than happy with the deal. Thanks again for your help.
  3. I am thinking about purchasing this laptop but your review is the only one I can find. Very comprehensive about specs and performance - sounds like just what I am looking for. You do not mention build quality and whether the chassis is metal or plastic (the Chillblast website mentions both but with no indication how much of each). Is there much flex in the keyboard or screen? How good do the hinges feel? I have reduced my shortlist to the Chillblast Defiant and a very similar Lenovo model which has many consistently excellent reviews but is more expensive. I would prefer to buy British if
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