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  1. Nice laptop and informative review, thanks.

    I have always used a laptop and am using the 15" Predator Helios 300 now, yes the fans are loud when gaming (Simming) but I just make believe it's engine and wind noise. I looked at Chillblast at the time but they didn't have any laptops that I could see, is this a relatively new thing for them?

  2. 5 hours ago, flier488 said:

    I'm surprised that this review indicates that the autopilot is working.  It's not.  The community has come to rely on mutleyshanger for objective and accurate reviews.  Please don't become shills for bad products the way so many other reviewers have.  With the state of the industry being what it is these days, we need honesty and reliability more than ever.

    Maybe his beta copy does have a working AP, I have never known Joe to be a shill or dishonest. Instead of coming off like you did, why not ask him why his AP works and yours does not.

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