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  1. Some say the Rhinoceros horn is an Aphrodisiac
  2. You beat me to those very words Joe, well to be fair mine wouldn't have been so elegant. Like staring at a campfire, I find magma and lava to be just as mesmerizing, thanks for this subject matter in a video and your excellent ability to bring it all together. Not to mention that fantastic NOTAR bird.
  3. Quite an undertaking the Allies (United States, Great Britain and France) did back then. Thanks for the vid Frank, another good one. And yes, I prefer listening to you ten times more than free music.
  4. Some good stuff there, it makes me laugh when I hear the names aircraft manufactures use when naming new tech. Omni-vision... hahahaha. I no longer have FSX on my system but no doubt most of the hours were flown in the C172, it's a great sightseeing plane and has all the bits needed for all types of flying. Once I got the C182 the old 172 fell by the wayside but I have always been a fan of Cessna in general. Thanks for your time and informative videos Frank, looking forward to the rest in this series. Side note: I sometimes think the ice age pulled everything out of the c
  5. Can't go wrong with three engines. You never disappoint Frank, thanks for bringing this information into my brain. One of my favorite movies as a ten year old kid was Where Eagles Dare(1968) with Clint Eastwood, I think my first blip of wanting to fly was watching the Ju-52 flying in the snow covered mountains during the closing credits. In Panavision no less. That plane, I believe was the same one that crashed in Switzerland in 2018. As a side note, the movie used T-6's for German fighters. When will they stop lying to us kids.
  6. What is a man's Ultimate embarrassment? Running into a wall with an erection and breaking his nose.
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