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  1. They look like photo's. Very nice.
  2. brett

    Hi, I am UKJim :)

    UKJim wrote: *Saving any flight is as easy as using the semicolan ";" as a keyboard command anytime during the flight. *When the Save Flight screen pops up, just add a Flight/Title name and if you would like a discription too. *When you want to fly the flight again, from that save point, you click on the Load button located on the Free Flight screen and there, on a popup window, is all your saved flights, click and fly. Hints: I Pause the mission before clicking the semicolan key, so when restarting the flight it will be in pause mode. This gives you time to get set up to start flying.
  3. I couldn't even guess how many tries it took me to finally finish that darn mission but wish I had a quarter for each one. Thanks for bring up a flash from the past. (because I never went back and tried to do it again)
  4. I'm always amazed at how good dancers are. They make it look easy, that is untill you try to do it yourself and learn the hard way that easy it is not. Although I do get my dance on, sorta like that, when I am waiting at the single stall bar bathrooms.
  5. Pretty funny. At the expense of sounding stupid, what was the reason for screen in screen box in the upper right corner for, the dancing impaired?
  6. I hope I'm wrong but I smell a scam. I really need to learn how to be more optimistic and trusting. I am happy that jetranger found a aircraft designer that he does like though.
  7. Just want to add that this jetranger guy was just banned from the FlightSim forum for going on these rants. He does not take the time to thoroughly read the full details provided and goes off half cocked about the designers having the problem. Maybe he should stick to PlayStation games if he does not want to invest the time it takes to improve upon a basic flight simulator program and enjoy addons that folks have spent alot of time and energy making. I'm sorry but I believe that the freeware and payware designers try there best to make everything work for all the different systems out there an
  8. Congrats on the winning shot, a real beauty. You really did capture the mood of the area and the flight.
  9. Learn something new everyday, thanks for the compatibility tips. I was clicking on the menu bar on the site like it was an elevator button and it would all of a sudden magically work.
  10. Thank you sir, it was in response to your post and I meant to mention this but was having trouble with getting it to stick in this thread last night. Must have rewrote it 15 times. It is indeed a fine aircraft and a pleasure to fly low and slow. Big thanks to our top dog for his help.
  11. Final entry, dh80 Puss Moth leaving Plum Island(2B2), MA
  12. Clever, intelligent and hilarious. I'm glad he made it through the tough times. He was always a favorite when growing up and we all always tried to imitate that great snicker.
  13. brett


    Ha...no need too do that. Although I might show it to my wife and tell her it's all your fault that I spent more money on "My silly hobby".
  14. brett


    Thanks for the reply. I have purchased a few AC's in the past and most are pretty sweet, unfortunately they are so detailed that my frame rates take a major hit on my low end laptop. I will take a look at the Aerosoft model though, would like to add some of your textures, they are really good. You are gonna cost me a fortune with wanting to use your repaints. :biggrin:
  15. brett


    You sure do some excellent repaints and fast too. Does anyone know of a freeware link to this aircraft for FSX with a VC panel? I might consider a payware version but am low on funds. I did find one once with just the 2D panel and it flew real nice but I am so use to the VC's that I ended up deleting it from my hanger. I have trouble with flying the 2D panel, I'm a late bloomer when it comes to flight sim's and started with FSX. Appreciate any help with this.
  16. de Havilland DH-89a Dragon Rapide http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Dragon_Rapide
  17. I have heard that this is a ripoff of a freeware program(FlightGear) and has been talked about on other forums. Here is one http://www.squidoo.com/pro-flight-simulator-scam It is up to you to decide for yourself.
  18. I saw this aircraft in a video during an airline commercial and just recently downloaded it. A had to have it moment that sent me on a search quest, luckily it was available. Sweet flier that has been getting quite a bit of time air time on my machine. The AA texture is one of my favorites and enjoyed seeing your shots. I also have been using the float plane version for a change of pace (see Oct screenshot contest) and got hooked on pond hopping.
  19. Here's my second entry, couldn't help myself, contests are just to much fun. DH-89a Dragon Rapide fitted with Floats (All passengers are aboard Captain)
  20. Heres one link, also has a demo. http://www.asa2fly.com/Instrument-Refresher-An-IPC-Simulator--P478_product1.aspx
  21. Feedback is "Excellent job". As far as thanking me for viewing it.....The pleasure was all mine, thank you for posting it.
  22. Spectacular. Although heavy metal is not on the top of my list anymore, genre wise, there is something about ACDC that just makes you want to "Turn it Up". Just ask my neighbors.
  23. Really good program for making quick missions but I prefer the FSXMissionEditor by J.Kier for serious editing. Just my opinion.
  24. Looked so pretty I created a flight plan and flew it myself. Great area for low and slow valley flying. Thanks for the heads up to a great spot for sightseeing. Excellent pic's.
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