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  1. Update v2 beta b09042015 # added aircraft profile with a separate W&B page for Antonov An-2 by SibWings; # added options for copying, pasting, selecting and deleting text upon clicking on right mouse button on SkyVector import module's "Route" box; # fixed a small bug which would include the departure or destination airport to the "Nearby Airports" list; # improved calculations for WCA, magnetic variance, ground speed, NM/gal, start-up and taxi fuel; # improved W&B calculations for all aircraft types; # added W&B sheets protection; # added a comment informing users about
  2. Hi there, New stable version 1.0.0 is ready for download with the following changelog: Version 1.0.0 b28012015 ++ added full support for A2A Cessna 182T Skylane including calculation of TAS, climb/cruise fuel consumption, as well as a separate weight and balance model ++ magnetic declination tables updated to IGRF12 Model (2015-2019) ++ small performance improvements and clean-up of the code Version 0.9.3 b04012015 ++ improved climb and trip fuel calculation depending on varying flight altitudes and OAT, according to POH ++ improved validation of cells containing date (Y
  3. This is for those of you who love to hop in "bush wilderness" aboard A2A Simulations' amazing Cessna 172R Training. We are not always satisfied with what we're being offered. So am I! As an avid virtual bush flyer, I've tried many navigation logs till now but each of them lacked this or that feature. So, I've decided to make my own. Here is the result of this challenge - it took me quite a while to get what I want but I hope you'll like it too. skyLOGX [skaɪ lɒdʒɪks] is a VBA-based Excel spreadsheet application to ease your pre-flight workload with A2A C172R although with slight modificat
  4. I have found a couple of interior textures by Chris Brisland, a.k.a "Eagleskinner", at RTMM website. If you're still interested, fly DCT to http://return.mistymoorings.com/enhancements/#r Chris, if you can hear me - THANKS a million!!!
  5. Captains, I'm looking for a set of "bushy" interiors for my Beaver - I miss those greasy fingerprints on the panel, some dirt on the floor, and that winking pinup lady next to the radio stack, you know... I checked with Avsim but most of them are exterior textures. Any clue? Thanks! Rustam PS: While I'm here, don't forget to check these "masterpieces" too: http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=root&Name=&FileName=&Author=burkhardt&DLID=&Sort=Added&ScanMode=0&Go=Change+View
  6. Duncan, Thank you for your contribution and detailed explanation! As a developer myself, I do understand the challenges you're facing - this is just to make sure that I won't be the player blaming AH2. What you'd achieved so far with AH1 is already a blessing for our community! Thanks!
  7. Lol... Yeah, you got my number. Indeed, since my base is in Hamar, I got tons of svenska assignments anyway ... And btw, ENRA sounds good after what I saw on a downwind to rwy23 Petersbourg (PAPG) under a snowy stormy evening a couple of weeks ago... Brrrr.... Smuggling a few buckets of Baltic caviar through the Swedish border (originally planned DCT St.Petersbourg, Russia)... Hope Mike doesn't read this...
  8. Dolf, the shots are great - never imagined Italy be so sexy in FSX. What's the scenery you are using? Thanks!
  9. Thank you, Brett! Great find...
  10. Thank you, John! I guessed that too... but I can live with that. Will accept jobs within my base country for now but am gonna ask Duncan to take a note before he releases version 2. Dunno if it's been added to his Wish List already though... Thanks!!!
  11. Captains, The title says it all - really, is it possible? The US is big and a single job 200nm away from the base is not a big deal. But there are countries such as Norway or Switzerland which you can easily fly from one end to another in a couple of hours and even in C172. On the other hand, it seems more real to me for a startup hauler to make flights within the base country first, and some time later to extend the services to neighboring countries. I tried to make distances shorter through Options but since my base (ENHA) is not far from the border, some of the jobs are reachi
  12. My best wishes to Alan as well!!! From a very distant Mutley member... I'm kinda new here and don't know Alan same as the veterans of our community. But it's very warm and friendly here.
  13. Thank YOU! Yes, I got my fsx.cfg tweaked and TML=4096. That blurry is probably due to XnView - my screen capturing tool. I'm not a screenshot professional - just open it, take a shot, crop to upload size and that's it! So, please bear with me... Oh, almost forgot... Keep it up, mate!
  14. A token of my gratitude to Jim's highly appreciated repaint of my favourite C172 from the A2A team. Thank you, mate!!! Passing over the Flathead Range, Montana. Minutes before the dusk...
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    Fantastic shots!!! Really liked them...
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