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    Win 10 & FSX

    I am also a great believer in if it aint broke -- - - - - However as I had huge issues with P3D i have been using it with win 10 for some time and with no problems at all, except when using big a/c However be warned, Microsofts idea of what your privacy is may not coincide with what your idea is , so if you do install win 10 make sure you spend some time removing all the ticked boxes (which are well hidden) where m.s. think they have the right to your privacy and this entails going onto your m.s online account and unticking boxes there as well.. One thing to bear in mind if you dont, the
  2. A whole new audience ? where? orbx stuff already goes on fsx se with the triple installer, they are not getting anything they didnt already have, they are just giving dovetail more kudos, why? if you as a company already have a successful distribution network, which orbx has with FSS and Aerosoft what is there to gain by delaying your releases by 90 days to your normal faithful clientele? unless your normally faithful clientele isnt buying ? is he lining himself up to be the first onboard the new dovetail sim? time will tell
  3. HMMMMMMM, there could be more to this than meets the eye would i be considered cynical if I said that dovetail had a reputation for gathering failing titles and re-launching it? ala train sim 2015 and fsx se
  4. Graeme I will give the opposite view to John, i used to have shed loads of orbx stuff , all of australia and a good packet of pnw, their airports and airfields are excellent there is no question of that, however they are all set in an imaginary world that very loosely resembles reality. Personally I either fly IFR with big a/c or vfr with smaller a/c on 2 separate drives and each fsx entity is set up differently, I also to keep costs down chose 2 regions where i want to fly so europe is one and the caribbean is the other in both cases though I prefer to see the real world beneath my wings so
  5. Finally!!!!! what did you think us DX10 advocates were doing blowing smoke up your a--es???? I cant believe the penny is finally dropping Well done Joe, better late than never , you will now start to understand why FSX with dx10 is better than the current version of P3D
  6. That was one huge project!! well done today the UK tomorrow the world!!
  7. I have demonstrated to a friend that it is possible to take off and land without touching the control column (albeit in a c150) at Popham but I did have to use the elevator trim and rudder pedals . when I learnt to fly my instructor at the time kept spanking my hands when they were on the column saying that is for propping your newspaper against or for stopping your sandwiches from falling off your lap. Of course his aim was to make sure you knew what a rudder was for , and it came very handy in later life when flying big singles ,
  8. as explained in the video, i have also been playing this on microsoft edge, it is very early days , but when you compare with what we played back on the commodore 64 ----- who knows where it will go next http://www.flightarcade.com/learn/
  9. Both my wife and I have severe reservations about flying on one, for the same reasons. We have all seen how a formula one car shatters like glass if it hits anything, All you need is an area that for one reason or another didnt get the same temperature or depth of resin in the autoclave and give it a few bends and it will be bye bye. When i was flying I used to visit Lasham quite a lot as i had quite a few friends that worked there, and it would shock you the amount of jumbos, 777's etc that lost spoilers and parts of flaps due to fatigue , these were being repared at lasham, if they were fo
  10. I had my planes based at biggin international , however they are not allowed to operate scheduled services as part of their agreement with croydon council, so that put the only scheduled international flights up the swanee and they were operated by a chieftain and navajo and aztec to far flung places like Deauville and Dieppe etc However big a/c do land there from time to time , I remember one evening flying in to the bump, to find about 30 737's and 757's parked all over the place and thousands of lost tourists waiting for coaches as heathrow and Luton had been closed due to fog, i wish
  11. I admire anyone that can get their heads around these prog's i find flying around europe, as i do, that the planning on these progs takes longer than the flight
  12. this is a storm in a tea cup and is not really news worthy it can only happen if the 787 is not powered down for some 200 odd days, the Jumbo had the same "bug" but needed to be left live for 120 days whilst i know modern a/c get turned around now pretty quickly it is virtually impossible for an a/c not to be turned off at some point every 48 hours let alone when a check comes up, so as usual the news blow it all out of proportion.
  13. Lovely sharp photoscenery there Mike Se seems to be the kiddie
  14. dx10 and rex rock the first one is FTX Southampton and no ctd's
  15. DX10 works fine with FTX, and Steves dx10 fixer is available again . except in the odd rare case FSX with dx10 is the dog's danglies
  16. I think he has been watching too much python i will leave it for you all to comment
  17. https://securityledger.com/2015/04/hacker-on-a-plane-fbi-seizes-researchers-gear/
  18. I can remember quite clearly a certain JV saying they were never again going to have sales !! I suppose a drop in turnover and mouths to feed forces ones hand I do wish he would do more uk products cus i would buy them , but I think we stand more chance of a kiss from the Pope.
  19. I know this place well as we used to live in the area for many years. what gives me the screaming hump is that these places get handed over to the NT because the owners cannot afford the upkeep let alone modernise them. So the NT is effectively in charge of our national treasures. It is well known from other similar fires over the years that these places are tinder boxes , so one would have thought that the first thing on the agenda would be the installation of a fire supressant system, after all it is a national treasure that needs protecting. What do they do in reality? arm the caretaker
  20. that makes interesting reading Chris, as i have 22 inch monitors i use 1980 x something so as you say that must affect performance, but as i get very good fps in fsx i have always stuck with it. I do find it interesting that some people have problems with dx10 for me it was just plug and play, and when i never had another ctd it was a no brainer to stay with it. I have tried to run p3d at medium setting then just to see what happened put all the sliders to the max and there was very little difference in performance on my old p.c. i do agree that the rex sparkling is very nice, i wo
  21. Chris if i didnt know you better i would call you a liar, but you do have a better graphics card than i and that could well make the difference, maybe I will have to lift up some floor boards
  22. Anders, i only put the fps on when i am reviewing something, or when i want to know why things are not working correctly. There is no doubt that we are all hoping the future of our hobby lies with P3d however i do have certain reservations. currently LM are using our feed back to refine p3D for free!, i will not be surprised if once they get it to do what they want it to do , they will cut the umbilical cord, and force the "hobbyists" to go back to FSX and dovetail. after all they get mega bucks from foreign governments and the like, for their simulation stuff, we are small beer. you hav
  23. sometime I think we are too reliant on technology I have always hefted around a case with all the paper approach plates needed , just in case I wonder if apple will pick up the tab http://qz.com/393909/american-airlines-planes-are-grounded-because-their-pilots-ipads-have-crashed/
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