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  1. i dont disagree that p3d has slightly better colouring but try flying an airbus or the ngx into the latest heathrow and you will be down to below 10fps (if it doesnt crash on you) while in fsx i can still get a cool 30+fps hey if colours do it for you cool , personally i prefer a smooth simualation and will forgo the 10% better colours And btw Anders as p3d is so poor on performance i have already started to modify the .cfg with some success what ctd in FSX???? I cant recall the last time i had a ctd in fsx, if you use dx10 you will never ctd plus the colours are a lot better I have p3d p
  2. well mike , it didnt cost a lot, and perhaps in the short term it has more potential than p3d, especially as it is taking fsx to another level , P3d IMHO wont become a serious product until it goes 64 biit. as much as I maligned dovetail, in one fell swoop they have leapfrogged LM the small changes that LM have made (cloud shadows and not much more) have had a huge hit on FPS and VAS, which affects everyone especially those with lower spec p.c's dovetail have given those with lower spec p.c's more performance, and that is something we have all been crying out for since FSX arrived. LM are g
  3. that top one looks like the grand canyon, no wonder so many tourists beat a path to that inhospitable land, and i thought all along they were after the whiskey, silly me
  4. hi cfsed.com in all cases autogen was set to 0 inc p3d but if fsx se still costs €2.88 I would buy it because the mods they are doing, do seem to be bearing fruit , in any case it is miles better than p3d
  5. Having unmercifully slagged off FSX SE in earlier postings in the course of a review this morning I noticed something interesting I had started it at Miami (KMIA) and i was configuring it to use photoscenery , no top drawer airport just the default airport as supplied by M.S. and i noticed i was getting a pretty decent frame rate of about 55fps so i thought i would check my fsx installation used for testing stuff so set it up with the same settings and only got 38fps Now this is with text max load at 4096 , and LOD radius of 8.5, 0 autogen , traffic at 36%, but using dx10 however in th
  6. Thanks for those links mike, very handy indeed
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEkKmzdiNfs apparently this was after an overshoot when there was a severe wing drop due to previous traffic turbulence which collapsed the rh gear and scraping the engine , the PF initiated a go round and did this landing some 20 minutes later
  8. thanks Brett the scenery is just my own amateurish home made stuff which anyone here can do , easily
  9. having seen that vid, i hope the CAA whizz his ticket , to fly another 100 miles with knackered props etc is inexcuseable , he certainly never had the u/c down at all that is why he was too fast on short final , i think he is suffering the first stage of dementia. that little stunt would have cost him or his insurance the best part of 80 k dollars -- each prop will be at least 12-15k, 2 shock loaded engines 20 k each plus skin work and labour the poor dog must have been cr--ing itself pity they did not get a photo of the plane on the ground to show the extent of the prop damage
  10. I wonder what percentage of fsx users actually use the multiplayer features---- 3%??? maybe 5%??? there are so many features that could be improved in fsx steam that would affect the majority of users , clearly Dovetail like M.S. still consider fsx to be a game not a simulation I hope they wake up one day
  11. there is a saying amongst pilots referring to landing with the legs up " there are those that have, and those that are going to" which brings me nicely to a little occurance at Popham some years ago a friend of mine who will remain nameless bought into a syndicate that owned a gardan horizon, a retractable single. when he told me of this error of judgment i looked skyward, as bless him he is not the best pilot in the world, guessing what i was thinking, he said "dont worry Nige it is a no brainer you cant forget to put the undercarriage down because they come down with the flaps" , so
  12. Joe, James , I am sitting here fishing rod in hand and lots of line on the spool funny you should mention sheep James, glad you recognised the locale
  13. Al, you have hit the nail on the head, whilst there is no doubt the new 747 is a good a/c it only made some savings on operating costs over the previous version, and if you can buy the previous version secondhand for 50 million less it doesnt matter if it uses 20% nore fuel does it ? Boeng dropped a ghoolie by not going double deck and underestimated the popularity and profitability of the 380 and now it is too late to play catch up
  14. some years ago , it was certainly BC (before children) my soon to be spouse and I had a very pleasant holiday ensconced in a mobile home on the edge of the beach at Porthmadog , whilst there we had a lovely trip on the narrow gauge steam railway to Blenau Festiniog (or however you spell it,) however i digress (as usual!) the main problem was that it was nigh on impossible to get a drink, especially on a Sunday, one had to visit a hotel as all the pubs were closed after 6pm, So as our holiday came to an end rather than suffer another day without the wicked alcohol we drove southward, as there
  15. sadly the venerable 747 is nearly at the end of the road the bean counters have forced the public to accept that twin engines are best, however in the light of the hudson glider , it is only a matter of time before there is a similar situation with disastrous results, when that happens hopefully it will end this absolute stupidity of ditching 4 engines. a jumbo can take off with a double engine failure , this was also the requirement when the comet and 707 were launched I would love to see a 777 do that with 450 passengers. sadly it is not a csae of IF but when. The boss of emirates thi
  16. it is not recorded if this brain surgeon landed safely , but what a classic demonstration of what happens when you are showing off and not staying ahead of the a/c and doing the correct checks http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b41_1429465294
  17. Fate is the Hunter, by Ernest K Gann if you havent read it , or seen the movie you have missed out on what can happen with spilt coffee, it is one of flyings literary greats looks a bit corny now but hey it was 1964 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjKHfGtHSzo
  18. Glenn I am 50% deaf in the left ear and i hold the islander to blame for it, the only planes that were louder were the avro York and Lancastrian but their engine sound was nicer, not as harsh.
  19. due to runway repairs delays at KJFK are now over 5 hours with the only open runway being 13R which doesnt have an ILS and the weather is getting worse. loads have already diverted to Boston or other airports due to fuel shortages. this looks like it may spell a few days of misery ahead. Must admit Idlewild airport (to give it its proper name) has been one of the most miserable airports I have ever visited with the most obnoxious members of US immigration and customs imagineable, i well remember as an 8 year old stamping very hard on the foot of an immigration occifer (and making him yell)
  20. Brian, go to control panel and programs&features, set it in date order and see if there has been a new prog installed second type msconfig in the lower lh box and see what progs fire up when you start windows there should only be 2 or 3 , anything strange untick the box and restart the p.c. have you got windows update set at autoamatic? it may be trying to install an update? there is a huge amount of malware around so using file mangler look in program files (386) also users(your p.c.name) \appdata \local and also\ roaming and see if you see something that you dont recognise see if thi
  21. I will believe it when i see it!! as i have said on more than one occasion if Wilbur Wright had needed a CAA license we would all still be crossing the Atlantic by boat !!! the whole load of them are the most dishonorable bunch of civil servants to have ever been put in charge of such a responsible job geez am I glad to be out of that profession now, couple the CAA and eurocontrol and the future is grim for all pilots, they will rush in pilotless a/c as quickly as they possibly can.
  22. Like chris says your problem lies almost certainly with the wrong uiautomationcore.dll the correct one can be found here on mutleys http://forum.mutleyshangar.com/index.php/files/category/12-flightsim/ just copy it and install it in the fsx root folder overwriting the original however do yourself a favour and use dx10 with the dx10 fixer prog the moment you do you will have far fewer issues. do not go back to xp win 7 is far superior
  23. Glenn, it is good to hear from you, I know several of the guys here fly together using skype or something similar to connect their p.c's , maybe one day we can get the chance to fly in formation , perhaps even with vatsim giving atc at the same time. our hobby never ceases to amaze me, as no two people utilise it the same way or with the same equipment, yet we all derive a huge amount of pleasure from it. I have to admit that having discovered recently that I can create my own scenery, it has opened up all sorts of potential that I never even realised existed, Keep the blue side up!
  24. did you fully uninstall the old nvidia directory and drivers ? if you did, you may need to update your motherboard drivers and bios
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