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  1. Thanks for that review Tim. I live in NZ, and I gave been using the Silverlight "Godzone" scenery. However You have tempted me so much, I will be getting the Orbx package very soon. Thanks for that.
  2. Yes it is freeware - I downloaded it from www.flightsim.com
  3. Here is the link to my Dropbox for the P51D that I fly with. It's a real beauty, and anyone who wants to use it, please feel free to download it and enjoy. Regards. Whoever is going to do the textures for me - A BIG thank you. http://dl.dropbox.co...D%20Mustang.zip And these are the photos of this beautiful plane: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15533791/Thunder%20Mustang.zip
  4. > Tim_A: Tauranga is such a laid back place, WHAT did you do to get arrested here? When were you here?
  5. Is there a way of finding out the flight plans of the AI aircraft that are in the FSX programme, and their take off and landing schedules? I am often at an airport, and I see the planes taxing and taking off, or coming in to land; and I would like to know how I can find out when these flights are scheduled for. For a bit of fun, I try to take off with them and try to follow them - it's just a bit of fun and quite a challenge because they turn suddenly and I don't have any knowledge of what their flight plans are. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks for all your interest and input guys. I must admit, I have never bought planes, nor do I think I ever will. There are so many hundreds, if not thousands of free planes available on the net, and many of the highest quality, that I see no need to buy any. I do buy things like scenery, video, upgrades and things like that. So, if you are ok with it, I will surf all the sim sites, and find a good P51 that is free, and allows us to add textures to it, and see if you can use that one. The P51D that I use is freeware, and it is awesome in it's detail, handling, speed and fun value. I will l
  7. > Dai: The P51D - the same one that jankees uses ( I think) - it looks like the same one. Although I don't mind which one is used because none of them are exactly like the Thunder, they will be close enough. The Thunder has slightly cropped edges on the wings, the canopy is slightly different to the proper P51 etc. Hell, I will be so grateful just to have those textures on a Mustang, to have fun with it, and replicate his routine at our airshows. There are a few videos of "Tiger's Blood" Thunder Mustang on You Tube - you will hear her awesome sound on them too.
  8. Your repaints are superb Jankees. Do you allow us to download them and use them in FSX? I would love to have them, every one of them is beautiful work. Would you be interested in doing the texture paint job for the Thunder Mustang (on the P51D) for me that I wrote about, a week ago? Please please? Pretty please?
  9. This is real fun. Even though we can set the weather in FSX to almost anything, it is more fun when I don't know what's going to happen when I fly. Thanks for that.
  10. It's freeware, and they have given permission to use and share, as long as they are acknowledged for the original work. I hope that is ok, it seems fine to me. Is there any other way that it can be done? Such as finding a blank/white Mustang to use? I'm not sure about these things.
  11. This is our beautiful Thunder Mustang. It is a 7/8 full size P51, but has a full size V12 Allison engine, with a 4 blade variable pitch prop. This makes it the fastest prop plane in the Southern Hemisphere, and they are talking of supercharging it !! Whew.
  12. Here in New Zealand, we have a Thunder Mustang, the only one in the Southern Hemisphere, and there are only 14 in the world. I would love to have the textures on my P51D Mustang, so that I can share it with all the Thunder Mustang lovers here in NZ (and there are thousands) and we can have great online flights. Would anyone be prepared to try and do this for me? I'm stupid when it comes to repaints - I've tried it and given it up. Please contact me (garret.horwitz "at" xtra.co.nz), and I will send you many photos through your e-mail, to show what is needed. Thank you, thank you.
  13. McDonnell F4 Phantom: Definitely one of the wildest planes ever to carry weapons.
  14. The B25 Mitchell: one of the meanest and wildest planes of WW2
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