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  1. On my last reinstall I used an SSD for the OS7-64 and a 500 gb SATA for FX10 and all the other add ons. I have to say that I have seen a difference in so much as it runs smoother and FPS on average are better. I also use Ultimatmate Defrag. How ever I still get this dam critical error on hitting menus but I am still working on that issue. I am certain it relates to the uiautomation.dll file, getting the right one for this OS-64 bit working is a challenge. Cheers LaurieLTW
  2. It was a good day at FSC Weston with a chance to meet a few FS contacts in person. I came away with lots of good ideas and £130 pounds less in my pocket. How ever I did manage to loose some valuable information regarding drivers for my Saitek panels the ones provided with the product do have some short comings. If any one can provide me with the source of these third party drivers I would be very happy. It was my intension to add some pics to the gallery here but I seem unable to find the attachment link.
  3. Hi Gents My first input on the forums. I am using a Dell XPS 420 with a Creative X-Fi Audio Processor (WDM) According to a logo on the front panel I have an Xcelerator, sounds all very swish but I have never worked out what that does. My reason for an entry onto this forum is to ask if any one has any knowledge of this set up, as I had a good support package working when I was running a 32 bit system (7) I have now gone 64 bit (7) but unable to find a compatible driver plus software package and do not have the nice GUI interface I used to have to allow me to set up my audio in the various
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