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  1. Yes, Contrast and Color with a little shine.
  2. Well been very much on the metroair forum as I fly for them now. Thanks, thought I this pic taken quite well after departure to atlanta :blush:
  3. Hi guys! Just noticed I haven't been on this forum for several months, thought I would share a picture with you.
  4. Haven't been entering any comps lately so here you go, just for fun:
  5. Great adventure, It has been a real pleasure flying in it and hopeit will be a third!
  6. Hi all! This is my first flight with Metroair today. Flied to San Fransisco from the main hub Ontario, KONT. Please enjoy these shots, more than I did taking them :biggrin: To get a face to the pictures, Im the one to the left with the spikey hair. That's it folks, be more soon :blush:
  7. Hi Soya! These are the most incredible shots I have ever seen, good job! :smile:
  8. Just stunning shots like the last topic :biggrin:
  9. Very nice pics, love the color and soon I will fly the same plane with the same color! :biggrin: :smile:
  10. Hi all, Just got in cruise flying to FMML from LOWW, with the 767, so I got a little bored so I did some HAWX banners. The pics are taken from google but I have resized them and put the logos in the corners. Hope you like them, if you want one of them just save them and upload them on photobucket, for example.
  11. Dave! Really good shots there, I love the Metroair livery, when did you join and is it so great they say they are?
  12. Congrats Dave! Wish all the best and how did all the 21 exams go?
  13. Lads! It have been over a month since my last screenshot topic, so here I am back on track so to speak Nothing special today, and they're all unedited. Doing another long-haul for tonight, this time from Kansas City to Stockholm Arlanda. Playing around at Hawaii with this exellent freeware F-18, with VC! Thanks for looking guys!
  14. Well, everyone did cried, even me on the last day, becouse everyone had come so close to eachother. I got a Fender Bass when I got home, but I would have done that camp without any presents.
  15. fighterpilot

    Im Back!

    Hi Lads! I'm home again! It has been the best month I have ever had and I will always remember it. Well I don't have much to say, just that that I am back on the forum!
  16. Yea, it is quite cheap but it's worth it. I have that Draken too, but I don't know what happend with it...
  17. haha, yea :biggrin: It's the Alphasim one, it's great but it dosen't have the most "realistic" systems but the model and flight dynamics are incredible. And yep it can run on FSX. Here's the link:
  18. Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, Airbus A321 CFM.
  19. Hi all, Tomorrow I go to a campfor 4 weeks... I got home at 05:00 Swedish time today, but Im not tired right now so I will post some pics of my trip to Rhodes, Grecce. Enjoy lads! :nea: At gate 16 at Gothenburg Landvetter airport, our flight today is DK251 with Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, we will fly in a Airbus A321, seen here as it is cold & dark in the cockpit. Going and taking some pictures of other planes while waiting to board the plane, here is a Novair that is bound for Rhodes too but leaves 30 min before us. We have got our seats in the plane, and I have great
  20. Nice shots Stu! :nea: Good to see someone that also is from Sweden here
  21. I am posting this on my cellphone, the weather is great with no clouds and +35. The airport is only 1.5km away so the planes are flying at 1500ft making great shots.
  22. Thanks Joe :biggrin: I will look forward to the forum when I get home, anyway, the plane goes at 07.00 (Swedish time) and the clock is 22.40 here so I better get going to bed now. Bye.
  23. Hi all, As Joe already know, I am going on vecation tomorrow, and one day after I get home I will go to a "camp" for over three weeks. So this will be my last pics for a month, and last flight. So I took the AF A318 to Innsbruck and got some really nice pics. Hope you will enjoy these, as much as I did with the flight Sorry for the .BMP flies, I was to lazy! :biggrin: Thanks.
  24. Thanks everyone! It is indeed the Gripen, or Gryphoon on english. I can get a flight in today, not ATWC just by my own. Before I start packing my stuff. The plane is leaving 06:00 (english time) and I will be out of bed about 03:00 as it takes about 45min to landvetter from here, we are flying in a Thomas Cook Scandinavia A321 :biggrin:
  25. Okay, sorry to put it up so early, but my sister is graduating from school today and tomorrow I need to pack my bags and so as we are going to Rhodes on sunday, so here you go. I thought I would add a little "Swedish power" to this leg :biggrin: My navigator isen't any of you in the forum, it is actually my best friend Nicklas. Anyway, let's get the baton on it's way! Cold & Dark.....But in a few minutes it will be so hot noone can go near it! Okay, cleared for takeoff....This is going to be rought.... Had a little hurry so I diden't taxi to the start :blush: In matter of
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