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  1. Hi all! Here's the latest creation from Rob Richardson, the Airspeed Ambassador - http://www.robertjamesrichardson.co.uk/index.html I think it uses default sounds, but the correct engine sounds are in the BritSim library Kieran
  2. Here's how the 'Old Lady' does it - bang on the Numbers and no bouncing - enjoy! http://vimeo.com/38270062 Music may be a bit before your time, but so was the Lanc! Cheers - Dai.
  3. After nearly 70 years locked away in their secret archives, the MoD have just released this newsreel footage of the Reculver trials of Barnes Wallis's 'bouncing bomb', Upkeep. http://vimeo.com/39361058 Enjoy! Cheers - Dai.
  4. Getting to grips with the Aerosoft Huey-X - and having a bit of fun! Here's a video of autorotation practice... Do try it at home! Cheers - Dai.
  5. Here in New Zealand, we have a Thunder Mustang, the only one in the Southern Hemisphere, and there are only 14 in the world. I would love to have the textures on my P51D Mustang, so that I can share it with all the Thunder Mustang lovers here in NZ (and there are thousands) and we can have great online flights. Would anyone be prepared to try and do this for me? I'm stupid when it comes to repaints - I've tried it and given it up. Please contact me (garret.horwitz "at" xtra.co.nz), and I will send you many photos through your e-mail, to show what is needed. Thank you, thank you.
  6. I've recently installed Aerosoft's Huey-X and have been having some fun. In particular with landing on one skid: Yep, you're right - the turbine is OFF and we're balancing on the one skid. In the above, the PIC is hoping to retrieve the situation when his co-pilot makes his exit... Cheers - Dai. P.S. And, No, this doesn't happen with the Dodo-Sim 206B.
  7. Is there a way of finding out the flight plans of the AI aircraft that are in the FSX programme, and their take off and landing schedules? I am often at an airport, and I see the planes taxing and taking off, or coming in to land; and I would like to know how I can find out when these flights are scheduled for. For a bit of fun, I try to take off with them and try to follow them - it's just a bit of fun and quite a challenge because they turn suddenly and I don't have any knowledge of what their flight plans are. Any ideas?
  8. Thanks to BirdmanMike, I downloaded the OzX Grand Canyon scenery earlier. Already done this flight this week strangely enough. Here it is with the updated mesh... Well worth the download, thanks again Mike.
  9. Thanks to Joe and Just Flight for last months prize screenshot, I went for the AC 11. Spent the week re-installing FSX and tweaking and just flown from Pease International across New Hampshire to Keene. Downwind at Keene, Monadnock in the distance. A great plane. Highly enjoyable. Thanks again Joe. EDIT: no, it only looks like the Bonanza below!!
  10. Many Thanks to Andrew Godden for the heads up... FlySim.US have released a new FSX native Bell 47-G helicopter add-on. Details here I remember the 47-G as it was featured in the "Whirlybirds" TV series - Ouch! Here's a nice video of the sim: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGP7YIac8x4&feature=player_embedded Looks interesting - maybe a Review coming up - see what the Boss says... Maybe Micke can tell us about the music? Skol - Dai.
  11. Hello Everyone!!! I enjoy my daily hops and I love video-editing. With each video I make I strive to make it better and more fun. Please have a look. http://youtu.be/syzWe64RFkk - FSX PocketFlights TNCM http://youtu.be/FO5JIHO7g1c - FSX PocketFlights UAL My channel is youtube.com/dagrnig0730 System Specs and Add-on information are in the credits.
  12. A light-hearted movie starring Microsoft FSX, Aerosoft Corfu X and iFly 737NG. Environment by REX HD. Voices by Radar Contact. Code share flight, Thomas Cook using Thomsonfly ;-) Shot with FRAPS and Sony Vegas Enjoy!
  13. rob16584

    One Shot

    Coming in to land at Dagali airport in Norway I was a little surprised to see the surrounding terrain! A quick look to GoogleMaps shows that FSX a got it ever so slightly wrong, haha http://g.co/maps/6zj2q
  14. I've used various FSX default effects in missions and attached to aircraft via the 'Smoke' function - normally without problems - until this week, that is. One of the missions I'm developing has a small bonfire and I use the fx.forestfiresmall.fx effect. When I ran that mission, yesterday, I saw this: The dark grey squares, which are supposed to represent smoke, are missing the 'smoke' texture and, therefore, appear as, well, squares! Something had corrupted the associated texture. Could have been an add-on - but which one, eh? Would I have to re-install FSX (Aargh!!) or was there another
  15. One shot departing Canberra during todays group flight in the Embraer Legacy
  16. DO YOU OWN A SMARTPHONE OR TABLET? If you do, could we take up five minutes of your valuable time and ask you to provide us with some information which will be helpful to us in planning some of our upcoming projects? We’re firm believers that you don’t get something for nothing, so if you follow the link below and complete the online survey for us we’ll provide you with a FREE Just Flight aircraft for Flight Simulator X worth £20.40! https://www.smart-survey.co.uk/v.asp?i=39035ozexj The survey closes at midnight (UK time) on Sunday 18th September. BATTLE OF BRIT
  17. rob16584

    New Toy

    Picked up this little beauty in the Just Flight sale for £3.99 (free really as I used reward points). Took her on a short hop from Innsbruck to Venice. Great flight and she handles really well. Climbing away from LOWI. Had to ignore ATC who wanted me to fly through a mountain VC is nice but un-flyable due to the very dark windows - anyone know a fix (other than a brick) Venice here we come Sharon has taken her seat for landing. I think you need to let her wear skirts that are a little longer Joe :phew: Flying a manual VOR approach down to 22R With a puff of smoke we land in Ven
  18. Monday, 05.09.2011 FS2Crew will assist you with a complete air crew helping you handle complex aircraft while creating an ultra realistic environment. Reach out for a whole new level of reality in Flight Simulator and profit from our discount offer. ALL FS2Crew products have been reduced in price by 30% until the 30th Sept 2011. The best deal would surely be the FS2Crew Heavy Hitters Professional pack as it holds the 6 most popular FS2Crew versions with a total value of more than 160€, now available for an unbeatable price! More here
  19. Just published, guest reviewer's Andrew Wang's appraisal of the Carendo V35B Bonanza. Andrew says- "The Bonanza, in both real world and in this addon, is a very unique aircraft. I feel that Carenado put a lot of effort into making this as realistic and as enjoyable to fly as possible. The subtle details ultimately paid off." Read on... Thanks Andrew for submitting this excellent review!
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