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  1. If you haven't heard, Just Flight are offering their Combat Helicopters - Nemeth Designs Huey plus Chinook - in box (post free in U.K.) for just GBP 5.00. Details here: http://www.justflight.com/product/combat-helicopters But be quick, the offer finishes Thursday 27Mar14. There are other products on offer, too: http://www.justflight.com/category/special-offers Cheers - Dai.
  2. NEW LIVERY PACK FOR DC-8 JETLINER SERIES 10 TO 40! Add some distinctive DC-8 liveries from around the world to your fleet with these 20 new high resolution liveries for the -20, -30 and -40 series. This new Livery Pack also includes a set of liveries at a standard resolution for those with lower performance PCs - the Performance Configuration tool supplied in the Service Pack 2 software lets you swap between High Resolution and Standard texture sizes so you can get the optimum frame rates for your system. DC-8-21 Eastern Air Lines 'Golden Falcon Jet' (N8606) National Airlines -
  3. SAVE MONEY- PRE-ORDER THE CANBERRA PR9 A stunning first aircraft from Just Flight’s new development team! UK Release Download 19th February. Boxed 28th March After extensive research on Mid-Air Squadron’s Canberra XH134, the highly anticipated first aircraft for FSX, P3D and P3D v2 from Just Flight’s new development team is now almost ready for take-off! CANBERRA PR9 FOR FSX, P3D and P3D V2 The Download edition of this amazing new aircraft is now available to pre-order at a reduced price until the release date! DOWNLOAD released Wednesday February 19 PRE-ORDER O
  4. Heads up guys. ... Just Flight have a 24 hour sale on from 2pm UK time today 21st January. Looks like download only. £5 for a classic airliner. FSX and 2004 Steph
  5. For those of you who don't know, Just Flight have a massive Xmas sale on some of their top titles. http://justflight.com/category/christmas-sale I've already bagged myself the DC-6 for £7.99. It could be an expensive xmas!
  6. Just Flight and Flight-1 are organising a flight simulation show at the RAF Museum, Cosford, on Saturday 19th October 2013. Here's what they say: We're delighted to be hosting this event and will be bringing together all the top names from the world of Flight Simulation to show off the very best software and hardware for the desktop pilot. You'll get the chance to try the latest aircraft and other add-ons, chat with leading developers and publishers - and you can always take the opportunity to pick up a bargain or two. The show website is here: http://www.flightsimulatorshow.com/ And
  7. New York City X is a highly detailed scenery package of New York City, featuring 2,500 square kilometres of high-resolution terrain with autogen and over 6,100 photorealistic New York buildings. Compatible with FSX (including DX10 Preview mode) and P3D Advanced modelling and texturing techniques Huge scenery area (2500 sq. km) includes Jersey City, Newark and all five boroughs of New York City, with night and seasonal textures Perfect for general, business and commercial aviation, ultralights and helicopter flying New York metropolitan area with over 6,100 custom, photorealistic buildings fr
  8. Five new Livery Packs (Packs 16-20) are now available for our 757 Jetliner Freemium add-on for FSX, each one containing two liveries and, depending on the Pack, -200/-300 models, winglet/non-winglet versions, and aircraft with RB211 engines or Pratt & Whitney engines. Each Livery Pack is priced at £1.99 / €2.49 / $2.99, or you can save money and buy all ten together in the new Livery Combo Pack 2 for £6.99 / €8.95 / $10.99. All the earlier 15 Livery Packs are still available, as is Combo Pack 1 which includes all 30 of the liveries in Packs 1-15. 757 Jetliner Freemium is a fully fle
  9. A little late with the post, however... Order the Viscount Legends of Flight from Just Flight before 10am on Tuesday and pay only £10 by using the discount code WEEKEND at the checkout. This applies to the download version only http://www.justflight.com/product/viscount-legends-of-flight-download We reviewed this add-on last year and Keiran gave it a healthy 8.5/10 - http://www.mutleyshangar.com/reviews/km/viscount/viscount.htm
  10. The world's most advanced multi-role combat aircraft! EUROFIGHTER for FSX Download on sale now! £24.99 / €30.95 / $37.99 (Boxed edition released 30 May - available to pre-order) INTRODUCTORY OFFER - Double Just Rewards points until midday (UK time) on 17 May - worth £5 / €6.25 / $7.50 off any future purchase! Just Flight’s new Eurofighter for Flight Simulator X captures perfectly the power and exceptional flight capabilities of this technologically advanced multi-role combat aircraft. This Eurofighter collection includes the single-seat variant in twelve
  11. DOWNLOAD ON SALE SATURDAY 20 APRIL £39.99 / €49.95 / $59.99 Buy before 9am (UK time) on Friday 26 April and get double the usual Just Rewards points - 800 points will give you £8 / €10 / $12 off any future purchase from the Just Flight or Just Trains websites! This ground-breaking new aircraft for FSX features a flight dynamics engine that operates independently from FSX, providing you with incredibly realistic performance and behaviour as well as accurate icing effects. See the Majestic Software Dash 8 Q-400 page on the Just Flight website for all the custom features and details - her
  12. DOWNLOAD On sale now! BOXED Released on 10 April - available to pre-order £29.99 / €37.95 / $44.99 LIVERY PACK On sale now! Ten more airline liveries from Europe, North America and Asia and six additional RAF paint schemes £6.99 / €8.95 / $10.99 The triple-role TriStar - airliner, freighter and tanker! Four TriStar variants in 25 paint schemes with high-resolution 2048x2048 textures: L-1011-500 civilian airliner RAF K1 (passenger/tanker) RAF KC1 (cargo/tanker) RAF C2 (passenger) Highly detailed v
  13. BEAR STUDIOS J-15 NAVAL FLANKER for FSX, Prepar3D and FS2004 Download on sale now - £19.99 / €24.95 / $29.99 Available exclusively from Just Flight! The new Bear Studios J-15 Naval Flanker is ready for carrier ops in FSX and P3D with the default carriers and also with an included PLA Navy CV-16 Liaoning model. Among the many impressive features of this highly detailed J-15 Naval Flanker are accurate custom avionics, weapons and stores with the correct aircraft weight adjustments, radar, animated weapon delivery sequences, ten-mode autopilot and countless accurate animations.
  14. Download on sale now - £12.99 / €15.95 / $19.99 With its small airframe and supercharged Pratt & Whitney radial engine, the one-off Gee Bee Model Z was built for speed - this potent machine won many races and set a world speed record before a further record attempt in 1931 ended in tragedy. Realistic flight model reproduces the challenging handling characteristics. Two liveries, custom aerobatic smoke effect and superb reflective textures. Top quality modelling, textures and sounds, 3D cockpit gauges and a custom sound set. See the Just Flight website for screenshots and ful
  15. Just published is Rob Scott's review of Just Flight's 146-200/300 Jetliner Rob waited for a while until the first service pack was released, read on to see what he thinks of this popular airliner package.
  16. Just Flight Pick & Mix: Our new and fairly novel Pick & Mix offering sees its second outing this weekend. For 72 hours we are offering flight simmers the chance to pick up a couple of their favourite airliners at real knock-down prices. From a selection of 6 you can pick up any two for just £22 / €27 / $33, saving up to £34 / €43 / $51! Or all 6 are available for just for £60 / €75 / $90! Details of the latest deal can be found here: http://www.justflight.com/bundle And we promise to bring customers more of these deals in the future so keep an eye out for the Pick & Mix b
  17. November 21 2012 Until the 6th January 2013 you can get a FREE Spitfire Mk IV for FSX by Download when you buy ANY product from the Just Flight website! You can see the screenshots and the specs of this fine machine on the Spitfire Mk IV page. When you make a purchase, just use the discount code: SPITFIRE in the Shopping Cart and your FREE aircraft will automatically be added to your order. The normal website price of the Spitfire Mk IV would be £12.99 / €15.95 / $19.99 - but use the discount code and you'll pay absolutely nothing! The FREE Spitfire is yours whatever you buy from us, whet
  18. PA-36 PAWNEE BRAVE 375 Alabeo's new crop-sprayer for FSX and Prepar3D Download on sale now - £12.99 / €15.95 / $19.99 ALABEO PA-36 PAWNEE BRAVE 375 Five liveries (and a blank texture set) Two models (with and without dispersal equipment) Custom chemical fumigation liquid effect HD textures (2048x2048) Chemical loader interface Real weight reduction as you drop chemical liquid Professional flight dynamics Material shines and reflections Custom 3D sounds Datasheet PDF FREE scenery of Cottonwood airport (Bloomington, IL
  19. 146-200/300 Jetliner now out A new 146-300 model with five international airline liveries has now been added to our 146-200 Jetliner add-on for FSX and Prepar3D. 146-200 Jetliner is now 146-200/300 Jetliner - but the price remains the same! If you bought our 146-200 Jetliner add-on before today, please log in to your account and download the new files, which include the updated software and revised manual. Also included in these new files is a Service Pack which provides additional functionality and a number of fixes and updates. Take a look at the FAQ in the Support section if you need an
  20. 1. WANT A FREE Mk IV SPITFIRE FROM JUST FLIGHT? Until the 6th January 2013 you can get a FREE Spitfire Mk IV for FSX by Download when you buy ANY product from the Just Flight website! You can see the screenshots and the specs of this fine machine on the Spitfire Mk IV page. When you make a purchase, just use the discount code: SPITFIRE in the Shopping Cart and your FREE aircraft will automatically be added to your order. The normal website price of the Spitfire Mk IV would be £12.99 / €15.95 / $19.99 - but use the discount code and you'll pay absolutely nothing! The FREE Spitfire is you
  21. MILVIZ F-86 SABRE For FSX and Prepar3D £22.99 / €28.95 / $34.99 MilViz delighted FS jet fighter fans with their F-15E Strike Eagle back in the Spring, and they've now released a superb North American F-86 Sabre for FSX and Prepar3D - the Download is on sale now! Realistic systems, avionics, start-up and shutdowns Top quality Virtual Cockpit and external model Six HD liveries and an included paint kit Detailed Pilot's Operating Handbook with all performance charts and figures Custom sounds recorded from a real F-86 Realistic nigh
  22. Published today is Kasper Hanselman's review on Lionheart Creations Diamond Aircraft DA-40XLS. This is a very popular aircraft and there a few versions around, see what Kasper makes of this one. Read on..
  23. 72-hour Sale - this weekend only! Get Loaded? What's that, we hear you ask... It's very simple - until 4pm (UK time) on Monday 5th November you can buy ANY TWO of the six products below FOR ONLY £15 / €18 / $25! Get Games run regular Get Loaded sales on their Download software and this week they've got a great selection of flight sim titles at bargain prices - we thought you'd like to hear about it!
  24. The upgrade for Traffic 360 is now available. Pre-orders have been honoured and now the update is available to purchase from the Just Flight website to the general public. The update will only work if you are a current owner/user of Traffic X. Full details are here: http://www.justflight.com/product/traffic-360-upgrade-from-traffic-x We have also put the full version on pre-order today. Released on the 16th November, anyone wanting to get their hands on the full product can pre-order now and save money. It’s available at the reduced price of £19.99 / €24.95 / $29.99 (Normally £24.99 / €30
  25. 24/10/2012 This service pack makes the following changes: Taxi light switch fixed HSI improvements - VOR/NDB indicators and heading bug added Collimated HUD added This update is for the DVD and download versions of the product. If you purchased this product as a download from the Just Flight website after 24th October 2012 then you will already have this service pack. http://justflight.com/supportfaq/f-111
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