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  1. Aircraft livery sorted out. Add on Norway scenery sorted out. Just the flight planning with Plan G to complete when the files are ready for download, then I'm ready to go. Wayne J.
  2. I've always loved flying. Ever since I was a kid and was allowed into the cockpit of our flight from Townsville (YBCS) to Perth (YPPH), damn I'm going to have to fly that route now... anyway, always loved it and have dabbled with Flight Sims over the years but since we bought our home last October I finally got my self a decent SimPit and have hit the sims in a big way. But I digress. after a passionate stay with Euro/American Truck Sim I finally got into Flight Sims and have been looking for something to really sink my teeth into as a good way to learn different aspect of flying
  3. Hey guys, just had a though that maybe next year an island hoping adventure might be fun; Havana Cuba to Trinidad and Tobago Fukuoka Japan To Taipei Taiwan and finish in Manila Philipines Manado Indonesia to Vanuatu (or the Solomons) or maybe an African Safari? I'm almost finished my unofficial MEBAR2017 and really looking forward to next year!
  4. Mutley's Hangar is pleased to announce our latest flying challenge, the Mutley's Easter Bunny Air Rally (MEBAR) 2017. The madness which has become this "Flying Circus" returns for its seventh year and this year we are on the road again as we travel to far, distant lands. Now, it is said by some in the flight sim world that "no one flies in South America". This is probably because their idea of flying is a morning little jolly up and down their home valley, back to the airfield for some procedural circuits, and home in time for afternoon tea. For those of us that have ventured farth
  5. It was another great year for the MEBAR. Great legs and a fun plane to fly. Here are a few random pics from the trip. The first day was a tad cloudy. Saw lots of this, but usually less. Winding down on day 1. At least runway was visible. Was not thrilled about the low lying fog over one of the touch & go fields. Lost it twice in the pattern. This approach was much nicer. Really need to stick it on the numbers for the short touch & gos. Wrapping up another leg. Cranking a turn around a way point. Sunrise on leg 4 A
  6. See the site here! http://mebar.mutleyshangar.com
  7. Pilot reg opens - Wed 09/03/2016 Pilot reg closes - Wed 23/032016 PIREP Due dates* Flight 1 - Fri 25/03/2013 Flight 2 - Mon 27/03/2016 Flight 3 - Wed 29/03/2016 Flight 4 - Fri 31/03/2016 Flight 5 - Sun 03/04/2016 *The dates above are the PIREP submission dates. The actual date you fly is entirely up to you to allow for any commitments you have. MEBAR closes Sat 09/04/2016 http://mebar.mutleyshangar.com/
  8. I guess most of us know how to prepare a flight plan using the FSX tool or Plan-G, however, I wondered if a tutorial might help, particularly for those who'd like to join in with rallies like MEBAR but lack the confidence - and experience, maybe - to translate a rally flight briefing into a flyable flight plan. Anyway, here's my attempt at introducing Plan-G for rally flight briefing: Please let me have your feedback! Cheers - Dai.
  9. Welcome aboard for Leg 4 of MEBAR 2015. We fly from Palonegro Intl (SKBG), Bucaramanga, to San Bernardo (SKMP), Mompos - a distance of around 240 nm. This Leg is 'blind', which adds to the excitement! Here's the Flight Plan in Plan-G (Thanks Tim): It's raining here at Palonegro as we take off at 7 am: Here's the sun coming up over the northern Andes: Our first waypoint, Hacaritama (SKAG), where we turn east: Now, we're established on the 101 deg in-bound radial for the LFA VOR: And soon we've arrived at Aguas Claras (SKOC) for a Full Stop. Here we're on Lo
  10. We're almost halfway - this is Leg 3 of MEBAR 2015, from Medellin (SKMD) to Bucaramanga (SKBG). Only one dog-leg, this time! Here's the Flight Plan in Plan-G (Thanks yet again, Tim!): Another beautiful, sunny day, here in Colombia as we take off: We've passed the Medellin LI NDB, and here we're establishing the 80 deg OBR from the RNG VOR: Over Puerto Nare (SKPN): And that's Cimitarra (SKCM) - still on the 80 deg OBR: Malaga - SKLA not the famous one! - is around here somewhere: Ah! There it is, tucked into the hillside, t
  11. This is where things get interesting, MEBAR 2015 Leg 2, from La Nubia (SKMZ) to Olaya Herrera (SKMD), and the first of 2 'blind' Legs where we're not told the Target Time in advance. Not that it makes much difference! Here's the interpretation of Andrew's Flight Briefing in Plan-G (Thanks again, Tim!): It's a nice sunny day as we take off at La Nubia: Turning north east to intercept the 76 deg in-bound radial for the MQU VOR: Turning at MQU for SKPQ: German Olano AB (SKPQ) ahead: A quick T&G and we're away: That's Furatena (SKFR) ahead, where we'll turn westwa
  12. Well, here we are again, thanks to Andrew and Joe. Well done Sirs! The first MEBAR Leg sees us start at Eldorado Intl, Bogota. Today we fly to La Nubia SKMZ. Here's the Plan-G Flight Plan (Thanks Tim!): Leaving SKBO: A quick T&G at Melgar AB (SKME): Turn at Wpt 2, the confluence of the Rio Magdalena and Rio Saldana Turning towards SKCL: Turning again at VOR ULQ (SKUL): Long Final at San Marino SK54: That's SKPE ahead: And our destination, La Nubia SKMZ ahead: Base Turn, SKMZ: Long Final: Touch down at La Nubia: An interesting fl
  13. Some people love 'em some people hate 'em. This is a fun element, by default, legs 2 and 4 do not have published target times before you fly. However, some pilots would rather know what their target is, if you are one of those please email the rally and request the times and we would be happy to oblige Joe
  14. Each year, Team Mutley represents our Hangar on one or more air rallies. This time it's MEBAR 2015, thanks to Joe and Andrew and their efforts - great stuff, guys! Well, Team Mutley needs pilots, and that's where you can help. With 5 Legs to this year's MEBAR, 5 pilots would be ideal, so please post if you'd like to join in. And don't worry about the complexities of flight planning, we can help you with that! We'll decide which aircraft to use nearer the event. We've used the DC-3 before, but we're flexible, eh?!? If more thn 5 pilots join up, no worries - we'll have one or more extra teams
  15. Just opened is our dedicated site for this year's Mutley's Hangar Easter Bunny Air Rally 2015 (MEBAR) The site contains all the information and downloads you need to take part. Registration is open from now and closes on Wednesday the 1st April 2015. Have fun, please join in and spread the news. Click here to visit our dedicated site. http://mebar.mutleyshangar.com/ Cheers, Joe.
  16. Just open is our dedicated site for this year's Mutley's Hangar Easter Bunny Air Rally (MEBAR) The site contains all the information and downloads you need to take part. Registration opens on the 1st March 2013, if you register beforehand your name will not appear on the roster until after the 1st March. Have fun and please join in, every pilot who completes the rally will be entered in a draw to win one of 5 top flight sim prizes from SimStop. MEBAR 2013
  17. Hi all! I suppose I should post these shots of Leg 4 in the good old HS748, since it flies over my house! But more on that later We start off in the Isle of Man, at Rondalsway airport. Nice weather, especially since Leg 3. That bodes well, for later Prepping the engines, we get ready You can see the alteration to the HS748 panel - just the FTime gauge. The TCAS-like radar was default Engines starting Just looking around the AI and found this: It's a nice aircraft! And so, for only the second time, the engines are advanced without full brakes holding her down, we lift off G
  18. For those of you who do not frequent the MEBAR 2012 forums, here's a short video with shots from leg 3, enjoy Cheers, Joe
  19. Test flight conditions are pretty much as real world at EGHI today except it is warmer today. Here are some shots taken from my test flight. Luckily for me, this is my home airfield, I also have my Air Hauler HQ here too. The engine spools up nicely. On two-zero waiting for clearance. Whoa we're off. Climbing at quite a rate still on the runway heading. Over-flying Southampton City Centre, St Mary's stadium below, home of the Saints. Heading out west to establish height and give ourselves enough space to head north and intercept SAM 078 Passing overhead, timer on. No
  20. For this year's MEBAR, Mutley's Hangar will be entering 2 Teams for the Easter Bunny Air Rally. The 'A' Team, under the guidance of Kieran, needs 2 more members. If you've not taken part in one of Andrew's Rallies before then this would be a great opportunity to find out how things work. You'll have other team members to advise you on route planning, timing, and so on - so, if you're not sure how to go about things, it's a very good way of getting your feet wet, as it were. Why not apply for one of the vacant slots? Just post a reply to this thread and Kieran and I will assist in any way we
  21. Hi all! I think these are first first shots from a non-planning view point, so I hope you enjoy. The test flight was undertaken from Southampton (EGHI) to Gatwick (EGKK), overflying the two airports with timing between the two airports. I chose, for some reason, the Hawker Siddeley/Avro/British Aerospace/BAe HS.748 Mk1 (or just the 748). The paint is in Ryanair. To give you a quick history, c/n 1549 is a HS.748 Series 1/106. Built as G-MRRV, it served with Dan-Air, British Independent Airways and Ryanair. So here we are, on the runway at Southampton A view of the VC Rolling Good -
  22. Mutley’s Hangar is proud to announce the Mutley’s Easter Bunny Air Rally 2012. “MEBAR 2012″ is the next stage in the Great Air Rallies Grand Prix series conceived by Bluegrass Airlines. The rally will be held over the Easter holiday period (hence its name!) commencing on the 1st of April 2012 and finishing on the 15th April 201, a dedicated web site opens on the 17th March for Pilot registrations. MEBAR will provide an event for flight simulation pilots of all skill levels, from the novice to the more experienced pilots, to test their flight and navigation skills. The flights involve eithe
  23. Ready for the off, at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man
  24. Q. How many times can I Enter? A. As many times as you like, so long as the pilot name and aircraft type is different. Q. What aircraft can I fly? A. Any piston or turbo prop with a cruising speed (Not maximum) of no more than 250kts. Q. How are my target times calculated? A. There is a test flight you must fly over a designated course prior to registration. From your entry time we caclulate your test time for each flight, however, 2 of the flights will not have the target time published, you will complete them at your own pace from previous flight experience. Q. How do I set my flight u
  25. As Team World Champions, Team-Mutley wil most certainly be participating in this year's MEBAR. Please let me know if you'd like to join either: 1. The 'A' Team - no age limit, but you must be high spirited and young at heart! 2. The 'Professionals' - not strictly Old Lags, but probably near the summit, if not over the hill... We've used a variety of aircraft in the past. If you have a preference, let us know and we'll sort it out. Thank You for your support! Cheers - Dai.
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