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  1. Channel 4 tonight 29/11 Guy Martin: Last flight of the Vulcan Bomber. Should be worth a look.
  2. Introducing FS Snaps from Mutley's Hangar I am pleased to announce a new service for our members and guests from the flight sim community. I have created a dedicated website where you can store your flight sim images for linking in forums - FS-Snaps.com This is a free of charge service although you can donate via the site to help with upkeep costs. I hope you enjoy browsing the site and please, sign up! Cheers... Joe
  3. Time to get the Baton moving again! Apologies for the delay, real world issues took priority last week and over the weekend, but now it's time to start hauling the blue stuff around the world again. The legs in this section is as follows All legs but leg 42 is open for bidding. I've taken the liberty to assign leg 42 to a newcomer to the ATWC to provide an easy start for a slightly nervous lass. (Make sure she feels welcome once we get there lads!!) We will start accepting bids for the section at 06:00 UTC on October 13th. So ponder on, and set your e-mail accounts on send
  4. Hey guys, just a heads up to confirm the release of the latest beta for X-Plane 10 boxed version users. Here are the release notes. Fixed for Beta 10 Fuel consumption matches 10.36 for old planes not saved in 10.40. This fixes the JAR Designs A330 and FlightFactor 757. Billboard lights for legacy planes match X-Plane 10,36. (Bug 1731.) Transponder commands fixed. (Fixes Carenado planes and Saitek plugin.) Range selector knob fixed. (Bug 1802.) Glider winch remembers last picked runway. (Fixes bug 1803.) Mouse wheel works in planet map. Fixed cursor not tracking properly on Windows 8
  5. Greetings adventurers. Vacation, House guests and travelling have kept me offline, or at least computer challenged for a couple of weeks now, thus I've lacked the technological equipment needed to update you all on the next section of our little trip. Although my travels for the summer is far from done I'm now at home, with access to my computer, so I figured I'd let you all know what's in store for you before I head of for a four day conference trip to Mallorca bright and early tomorrow morning. The schedule for section 4 can be found below. As you can see we've got another 10 fli
  6. The Mutley's hangar guide to X plane 10 Essentials X-Plane 10 has been with us for quite a while now, and its starting to show signs of maturing into a really great sim. However, the 'out of the box' experience is definitely lacking that wow factor. (FSX is also butt ugly as a base install to!) With a few essential downloads though, XPX can be transformed into a thing of beauty. Here are some 'MUST HAVE' Essentials to help new XPX user's bring out the best in the sim. 1. Libraries. Libraries are collections of models that can be used to enhance scenery. almost all freeware scenery wi
  7. It seems that, at long last, XPX could be getting its first weather engine. Austrian developers PILOTS, posted a photo (attached below for your delectation) on their Facebook page. It's not much, and you'd probably miss it if you didn't look closely. However it appears to suggest that they've got a version of their FSGRW weather engine ready for x plane use. About time.
  8. Just Flight's amazing new simulation of the Tornado GR1 is available to pre-order at a reduced price until the release date - 25 June 2015! 12 more liveries now added, bringing the total included up to 24: RAF (10), German Air Force (4), German Navy (4), Italian Air Force (5) and Royal Saudi Air Force (1) Short video now posted showing the variable-sweep 'Swing Wing' feature and a look at the customisable payload options For FSX, FSX: Steam Edition and P3D v1/v2 FREE TacPack functionality upgrade available shortly after release TORNADO GR1 GERMAN IDS LIVERY PACK PRE-ORDER Tornado GR1 an
  9. *** EXCLUSIVE OFFER *** Pay Just AUD $14.00 for the Entire State of North Dakota, USA in high-resolution photoreal detail for FSX/FSX:SE and P3D. That's over 70,000 square miles of real scenery for less than 15 bucks or 1 cent per 50.5 square miles. You simply cannot get this much photoreal scenery for less anywhere else, guaranteed! Fly the entire state - BORDER to BORDER - of North Dakota in photoreal detail. North Dakota is 70,700 square miles in size and has 419 airports. You'll see everything that you see in North Dakota in real life in the scenery. Imagery is clear and cris
  10. Heads up! Just Flight's TriStar Professional 60% off until Tues 26th May, that's £14.00.
  11. Here's a new 20 mission pack for FSX Steam Edition - Cargo Crew. Developed by Jane Whittaker of PC Pilot, it features the venerable DC-3: http://store.steampowered.com/app/343959/ FSX and P-3D versions coming soon... Cheers - Dai'
  12. Time to get the next section of the ATWC going (before John gets his bacon in the slammer once again ).... Section 3 is made up of 10 flights taking us through China, the Philippines, the islands of South east Asia, a brief stint in Australia and finally ends up on in what's called the West New Britain Province just north east of the main island of Papua New Guinea. As you can see from the table below we have no restrictions on any of the flights in the section, so your choice of airplanes is up to what the assigned pilot deems fit to fly it in. The bidding window for section
  13. AUScene's popular Adelaide International X and Sydney Professional X v2 are on sale right now for Half the Normal Price! You can get Adelaide International X for Under AUD $14 and Sydney Professional X v2 for Under AUD $12 Both products can be downloaded immediately after purchase from our store, or if you prefer, for just $5.95 extra per title, we can give you download access (if you want it) as well as send you out a copy of this scenery in the mail on one of our famous DVD backup disks. Our DVD backup disks are properly label printed and are the cheapest backup option in the flight
  14. Each year, Team Mutley represents our Hangar on one or more air rallies. This time it's MEBAR 2015, thanks to Joe and Andrew and their efforts - great stuff, guys! Well, Team Mutley needs pilots, and that's where you can help. With 5 Legs to this year's MEBAR, 5 pilots would be ideal, so please post if you'd like to join in. And don't worry about the complexities of flight planning, we can help you with that! We'll decide which aircraft to use nearer the event. We've used the DC-3 before, but we're flexible, eh?!? If more thn 5 pilots join up, no worries - we'll have one or more extra teams
  15. ATTENTION Fellow Airmen: With the unfortunate news of the German Wings crash on the 24th of March it is with sad regret that I share the following news with you: The FS2Crew Team is in official mourning over the loss of fellow FS2Crew Team member, Maik Korolczuk, who died tragically in the recent German Wings crash in France. Maik recently finished commercial pilot training and was working as cabin crew on board the ill fated flight. Maik was very active with FS2Crew. He was the European (German) First Officer voice for the PMDG 777 and Majestic Dash 8 versions of FS2Crew. He wa
  16. Dear all Please note there is an error in the flight briefing notes for leg 5 waypoints 1 and 2, it should read- Leg 5 Navigate to waypoint 1 SKBN, the text should read Enter CCT and conduct a touch and go on active runway at SKBN (Not SKPQ). Navigate to waypoint 2 SKSM, the text should read Enter CCT and conduct a touch and go on active runway at SKSM (Not SKBS). Apologies for the mistake and thanks to Bill for reporting it.
  17. With Section 1 out of the way it's time to get cracking on section 2. The full version of the departure board can be found below. The official departure board on the forum will be updated once all flights are assigned. As you can see we have another ten legs in front of us, and unlike Section 1 all legs are open for bidding. The section will take us from our current position on Crimea down through Turkey, Iran, the United Arab Emirats, Oman, India, Nepal, Bangladesh all the way to Kalay in the north western parts of Burma (or Myanmar if you prefer). All destinations featur
  18. Just Flight Black Friday sale until Tues 2nd Dec, Canberra £11.99 Chipmunk £5.99. Got the Chippie today, such fun.
  19. Greetings all Hangarians interested in ATWX SiX. (If you are reading this as a guest at these forums you are more than welcome too, but in order to take part you will need to sign up for a free membership on the forum). It's now the time to start your preparations for this relay adventure around the world. The departure board has been updated, and the basic information on the first ten legs can be found there, but for further information regarding distances and any restrictions in place here's a more full blown list. As you can see by the list only nine of the ten legs are op
  20. Tim Arnot, the brains behind Plan-G has announced the latest iteration of this award winning donation ware - To Download Plan-G, please go to the main Plan-G page on the web site and click on the DOWNLOAD link. http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/ 3.1.2 Features: * QuickPlan dialog will now load the active flightplan for easy keyboard editing * Override buttons to draw markers at all zooms * Active area for user aircraft “sync” mode is now slightly smaller than the map window (should prevent the aircraft disappearing off the edge) * Information panel now displays Lat/Lon of navaids * Added sav
  21. I would like to give a special to John Allard who have been hard at work preparing Airport diagrams for all the airports that we will visit during the challenge. For now there are 10 special bundles posted in the file library, one bundle for each of the so far announced legs. Once further sections are announced the corresponding bundles will be published too. So if you want to take a look at what the airports looks like prior to making your final decision on your bids head over here to grab the plates! As usual with these diagrams are based on the default FSX version of the respective
  22. The Once-A-Year Carenado Aircraft Add-on Sale Has Begun! And with some aircraft add-ons as low as just AUD $2.19, there is no excuse NOT to grab a few, or a lot for your virtual hangar this year! Most FSX/P3D Aircraft Add-ons up to 70% OFF Most All FS2004 Aircraft Add-ons a Massive 80% OFF Most X-Plane Add-ons are Half Price There is not a moment to lose... but please, "Keep Calm and Save Money" now at PC Aviator Australia on popular Carenado aircraft. The sale runs until Midnight 21st December 2014. Save on Carenado Aircraft Add-ons Now at http://www.pcaviator...ome.php?cat=816
  23. Welcome to the 6th edition of Mutley's Hangar Around The World Challenge, or ATWC SiX. Do you love flying your Flight sim, but are stuck flying to the same destinations time and time again? Want to join in a group activity for your favourite Flight Sim, but feel that other rallies are too strict and/or time consuming for your taste? Do you enjoy telling a story of your flight, and publishing screenshots to enhance the story? If the answer is yes to at least one of the above questions then the ATWC SiX is the challenge you've been waiting for! Bid, Fly and Post, it's as simple as that. Th
  24. Just Flight have just launched their Christmas Sale. The sale has 40 'download only' products on offer for up to 75% off. Some great bargains and a chance to pick up something you may have been pondering for a while, or maybe a little stocking filler or two. Hell, why not just let Christmas come early. The sale runs until 9.00am, Monday, 5th January 2015. Cheers Andrew
  25. Here is a map I made myself as a template for my USA inter-state flight plans. NB, not to scale. Washington Montana North Dakota Detroit New York Oregon Nebraska Philadelphia Vegas California Edwards AFB Washington DC LA Arizona Texas Georgia Florida Do not use for RW navigation.
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