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  1. MegaSceneryEarth continues its expansion into Europe with the first 50cm/pixel source photoreal package released covering the whole of Belgium. Buy and download (or order DVD backup disks) your copy of MSE Belgium right now direct from the publisher - PC Aviator. Now fly the entire country of Belgium in spectacular photo-real detail - border to border. This is the first time the complete country of belgium has been created in photoreal detail throughout. Belgium gives you over 11,787 square miles (30,258 square kilometers) of scenery to soar and explore as you make your way into and out o
  2. Just want to give you all a heads up regarding the coming weekend. I will be away from home, and any computer with the software necessary to update the departure board, starting Friday around noon local time here in Sweden. Service will be resumed as usual late Sunday evening, or possibly Monday morning depending on when I get back home. The same scenario applies for the next weekend since I will be travelling to the FSWeekend in Lelystad. The only difference is that I will be gone for the whole of Friday the 1st of November, and I already know I won't be able to update the board unti
  3. Hello to all interested pilots With section 1 finished in fine style I now have the pleasure to announce Section 2 of the ATWC 5. The departure board can be found at the end of this post, and the "official" departure board in the main ATWC 5 forum will be updated once there are some flights with assigned pilots. As you can see below Section 2 will take us out west over the Atlantic ocean, and then we will head south along the eastern parts of the Caribbean before heading down through South America to the final destination of the section in Santiago, Chile. The bidding window for Se
  4. Ultra-Res Cities take MegaSceneryEarth realism to a whole new level with unprecedented native 50 cm resolution scenery for larger cities and Terminal Control Areas. Boston is the first title in this series. You get around 6,000 square miles of the Boston Terminal Control Area (shown by the chart below) all displayed at 50 cm per pixel. The realism is simply stunning. You can fly this scenery and it remains clear right down to lower altitudes of around 500 feet. Perfect for helicopter flying around cities as well as cross city shorter flights in light aircraft or for ultra-realism while ap
  5. A HU, as the title says Just Flight have Capt Sims C130 for £15. Need I say more. Now Rich, about that commission...
  6. MegaSceneryEarth 2.0, the world's largest photoreal scenery project for Microsoft Flight Simulator in history has succeeded in producing photoreal scenery for the entire Continental USA + Hawaii area in under one calendar year. This represents close to 10 million square kilometres of UNIQUE photoreal scenery. Now the MegaSceneryEarth project is spreading its wings to other parts of the globe to deliver the photoreal scenery experience to a wider audience. Expected to be released next week is MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 Switzerland. Covering the full country, this package will feature high-res
  7. Greetings all interested ATWC pilots It's time to get this show on the road and take to the skies in the first out of (?) sections The departure board for the first section can be found in the main ATWC 5 forum, and it is also included below. We will be travelling from Southampton out to the island of Santa Maria in a total of eight legs. As you can see from the departure board our esteemed boss has taken the liberty of grabbing the first leg and thus will kick the adventure off with a flight down to Alderney, but the remaining seven legs are up for grabs to any daredevil that c
  8. DCS Autumn Sale! Thursday, 19 September 2013 From 20 to 29 September 2013, Eagle Dynamics will have a 60% off Autumn sale for the following DCS products: DCS: Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight, Pre-Purchase Beta. $49.99 now $19.99 DCS: UH-1H Huey, Pre-Purchase Beta. $49.99 now $19.99 Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3. $49.99 now $19.99 DCS: A-10C Warthog. $39.99 now $15.99 DCS: Black Shark 2. $39.99 now $15.99 DCS: P-51D Mustang. $39.99 now $15.99 DCS: Combined Arms. $29.99 now $11.99 DCS: Black Shark 2 Upgrade. $29.99 now $11.99 A-10A: DCS Flaming Cliffs. $14.99 now $5.99 Su-25: DCS Flaming C
  9. Just a quick note to advise of the release of v1.10 of Adelaide International X Scenery for FSX. Version 1.10 Updates include: New Adelaide Control Tower Added Cars in terminal car park changed – No lights at night Taxiway lights updated – More realistic colour All new customers will now receive the v1.10 package when they download. Existing customers have been emailed an update patch to apply to your current install. http://www.pcaviator.com.au/store/product.php?productid=555209 At Last! A scenery expansion package for Adelaide International Airport in South Australia (
  10. Heads up. Just Flight are selling their 146 for £5, offer ends tomorrow. Now I know most of you are pretty hardcore but their 146 is good and for a fiver you can't go wrong. Disclaimer; I am not related to JF in any way, shape or form.
  11. Welcome to the 5th edition of Mutley's Hangar Around The World Challenge, or ATWC 5. Do you love flying your Flight sim, but are stuck flying to the same destinations time and time again? Want to join in a group activity for your favourite Flight Sim, but feel that other rallies are too strict and/or time consuming for your taste? Do you enjoy telling a story of your flight, and publishing screenshots to enhance the story? If the answer is yes to at least one of the above questions then the ATWC 5 is the challenge you've been waiting for! Bid, Fly and Post, it's as simple as that. The AT
  12. Welcome Thank you for your interest in our challenge. We really do want to keep this simple but we have to lay down some ground rules, so please take note of the following and if you agree we can have some fun! Eligibility You will need to be a registered member of Mutley's Hangar Forums in order to post your PIREP. Registration is free, however, please consider making a donation to the running costs which can be made via PayPal using the donate button. Flying the Challenge The Around The World Challenge (ATWC) is a series of individual flights flown by many pilots who carry and pass on "The
  13. Heads up! JF have a pick and mix offer until Monday, 2 planes for £20. I got the 737 Professional and the... ok iddy biddy 320 cos that's the only one I hadn't got already.
  14. PMDG have released the PMDG 777-200LR/F for FSX It is now available from the PMDG web site for $89.99 The following is a summary of the features from the PMDG web site. Developed with technical input from Boeing and a team of real-life 777 crew and maintenance advisors, the PMDG 777-200LR/F is an extremely sophisticated simulation with nearly every function of its real-life systems modeled in high fidelity. Both the ultra-long range 777-200LR and the 777F freighter variants powered by massive GE90-110B1 engines are included. Numerous airline liveries and options are available for free
  15. Hey guys, In an unusual move, pmdg lifted the NDA on beta testers tonight, allowing the much anticipated 777 to make an appearance. Edit: there was a video but its been taken down a the poster was unhappy with the quality. Expect lots of vids to appear in the next 24 hours.
  16. This is my first FSX mission for the OrbX Pacific North West (PNW) scenery add-on. It's a Pilot for Hire Helicopter Mission, in which you take some VIP sightseers on a short helicopter tour of the Cascade Locks area, down the Columbia River to the Bonneville Dam. During the tour, an emergency crops up and you are asked to help out. The mission uses the default Bell 206B, but you can change to an alternative rotor-craft by ticking the "Enable changes in selected Mission" box should you wish.. If you have any problems or queries, please let me know - screen shots would be good! Thank
  17. Just Flight and Flight-1 are organising a flight simulation show at the RAF Museum, Cosford, on Saturday 19th October 2013. Here's what they say: We're delighted to be hosting this event and will be bringing together all the top names from the world of Flight Simulation to show off the very best software and hardware for the desktop pilot. You'll get the chance to try the latest aircraft and other add-ons, chat with leading developers and publishers - and you can always take the opportunity to pick up a bargain or two. The show website is here: http://www.flightsimulatorshow.com/ And
  18. Thought of you, Bro', when I found this site. Some excellent stuff - I'm really tempted by some of the heli kit! Enjoy... http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Jet-Art-Aviation-LTD But don't blame me if Mags gets cross (BTW, hope she's feeling better). @ Jack - you probably know this lot - not quite car-boot prices, but interesting, eh? Cheers - Dai.
  19. Here's an interesting development from Agusta-Westland - Half Plane/Half Helicopter: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22965734 Leans towards an Osprey, perhaps, but quite novel, eh? CHeers - Dai.
  20. FSUIPC will need replacing on all user systems! For the last ten years FSUIPC has been protected against both unwanted alteration and virus infection by the use of a Code Signature, purchased from and protected by GlobalSign, an officially recognised Windows Certificate Authority. It has come to my attention that within the last two weeks the same Code Signature has been used to sign malicious software, apparently in the form of Java updates, to make it look valid and safe. Whilst the FSUIPC packages themselves are not affected in any way by these, it does mean that we have had to ask
  21. Here's a short video trailer for an up-coming FSX mission to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of Operation Chastise, the Dambusters: I hope to release the mission for download sometime early in May - before the Weston Sim Show. Let me know if you're interested... Thanks. Cheers - Dai. Edit: New Trailer added on 05May13...
  22. At MEBAR central we have had kind feedback from Rodney (033).. While doing a flight plan for Leg 04 EGNT-EGXH I found that the ICAO for EGNU (waypoint 3) does not exist in MSFS2004. Instead it is listed as UK05. It took me lots of time and effort to figure this one out, so I would like to save someone some of the same trouble. Perhaps you can help. Thanks Rodney.
  23. Some of you may have reached a certain maturity (Hi, John!) and may be interested to learn that Orbx and the Flight Sim Store are now offering a discount to senior simmers. Here's the link: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/54483-senior-discounts-a-joint-orbxfss-initiative/ You'll need to be registered with the Orbx forum to see the info, but I think you'll find it useful. And commiserations to you younger members - age does have some advantages after all! Cheers - Dai.
  24. This is a 10 Flight Leg tour. It basically follows a course from Sydney (YSBK) down the south coast of New South Wales and east coast of Victoria before heading further south, crossing Bass Strait and touring around Tasmania before finishing in Melbourne (YMMB). To add some variety, the route is interspersed with deviations inland and includes mandatory T & Gs and fuel stops. Anyone can participate, but you are limited to using any radial or other piston engined aircraft that flew in the period 1930s to 1950s. Turboprop, turbojet, turbofan and other such engined aircraft are not eligibl
  25. Just to let you know that starting on december 20th and a week onwards I will be out of town, and during that time I will be lacking access to the necessary software for updating the departure board. So please keep an eye in the PIREP forums, and work out your deadlines based on the PIRPEs coming in. In the best of worlds it wont be a major issue considering we're so close to the end of the sector, but rather safe than sorry.
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