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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone; I hope everyone is keeping safe and flying safe during this troubled time. Quick introduction, though I am hoping that anyone from that old crowd hanging around would remember me fondly. I was quick active back in 2004, and had several utilities from flight simulator; the most popular one was called “FlightSim Manager”: in fact it had won gold award from FlightSim.com; basically it was an Install Wizard, VA Fleet manager, Optimizer, AI Traffic editor, LAN viewer and a lot more. I also had another software called “FSM Moving Map” that would allow you to have googl
  2. REX SIMULATIONS is pleased to announce the release of REX Soft Clouds FS9 Edition! REX Soft Clouds FS9 Edition helps give a volumetric feel to your flight simulator clouds. This software package is compiled from years of feedback from current REX customers to meet a specific demand. You will truly experience volumetric-like haze and fog as never before seen within FS9. You can purchase directly from the following stores: REX Game Studios (Store) http://store.rexdownload.com/rex-software/9-rex-soft-clouds-for-fs2004.html SIMMARKET.COM http://secure.simmarket.com/rex-soft-clouds_fs9.ph
  3. icudan

    Close call

    Hi all, I was on my return flight from Newark to Midway today and saw an A320 fast approaching me just a little over FL300. Took a snap of him it was a rather close call to be fair!
  4. icudan


    Hello, I don't know whether anybody will remember me, It's been a long time since I have been on the flight sim scene but I've recently started playing a bit more now I used to fly in Europe all of the time but I've started flying in the USA and got myself some new scenery I'm currently flying from Midway to Newark right now and thought I would post a departure shot I just took. Anyway it will be good to see who is still knocking around on here! Thanks, Dan
  5. I know FSEconomy has been around for some time, but you still might be interested as it combines functions of Air Hauler with FSPassengers (-ish!). Here's the link to the Introduction page "Getting Started": https://sites.google.com/site/fseoperationsguide/getting-started There's a nice video embedded in this page... Cheers - Dai.
  6. Hi all! Here are a few pictures from the new Duxford scenery, using the AI installed and the Section F-8 F-86E/F as my own aircraft So, on with the show! Two Sabres will take flight today - a Sabre A and F. The AI is the A version Taxing past a Hawk, oddly enough! The American Air Power hall Dai will like this one! Preparing to go onto the runway 3...2...1... Unfortunatly, the AI has a faster acceleration Gear up Shooting past the Airspace hall Leaving Duxford behind Formed up, a few shots now. The F-86A's gear is down Break! Break! Break! Final sho
  7. News from François @ FSAddons. There are still plenty people out there using the good old Flight Simulator 2004, aka FS9, and now David Rosenfeld has released a brand new version of his Ben Gurion (LLBG) for FS9 for them. Ben Gurion for FS2004 incorporates all the NEW features that can also be found in the nwe FSX version of the product (Version 2.0, to be released soon), and is a major enhancement over the old freeware product David once made. Ben Gurion for FS2004 is available from our own webshop of course (check it out here: http://silvercloud-s...roduct_id=29848 ) and will also be sold
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