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Found 3 results

  1. Does anybody know how to get Little Navmap to show FSX:SE airports? I downloaded and ran Little Navmap. But it's not showing airports. At the bottom, it says "Connected (FSX/P3D)" and "Database empty." In the "Scenery Library" menu, there is a "Load Scenery Libary" dialog, but the simulator drop down lists only "X-Plane 11". I have the "Show airports" buttons on. I do see NDBs and VORs. Where are the airports?
  2. Gavin is back! I am away from my flight sim pc so I have a general question for you folks regarding the PMDG 777. I have been flying the airbus x for almost a year now and have encountered many issues that have been fixed some issues still linger. (I am aware that is going to happen in flight sim) I am very exited to purchase the PMDG 777 and fly those long hauls, and ultra long haul flights. When I purchase the PMDG 777 lets say in 3 weeks to a month are there any issues I can expect, bugs, anything reported recently? And what are the chances of getting an OOM at the end of a long
  3. Here's a new 20 mission pack for FSX Steam Edition - Cargo Crew. Developed by Jane Whittaker of PC Pilot, it features the venerable DC-3: http://store.steampowered.com/app/343959/ FSX and P-3D versions coming soon... Cheers - Dai'
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