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Found 13 results

  1. Here's the first location, there are a couple of clues in the picture. Stock FSX scenery (Like you hadn't guessed!) Good luck. Joe
  2. I seem to be very good at this, so... ...any guesses what this is? Have fun!
  3. 72 years ago today, the first Manchester Mk III took to the skies - do we all know what it became, with 4x Rolls Royce Merlins? Prehaps this could be a regular feature?
  4. Is it just me or does everyone have to do monthly reinstallations of their FSX addons because of glitches that cause the program to not run anymore? I do! And it's driving me crazy. I just wanted to know if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just FSX's fault. Any Reply Is Greatly Appreciated I'm running a Core i7 at 4.4 GhZ with a GTX 970, 8GB of fairly high speed RAM, and a very fast SSD. Thanks, Ardy
  5. Why commercial airliners? This forum in Mutley’s Hangar exists specifically as a place where we can discuss issues relating to the flying of commercial airliners — everything from recommended aircraft through to the operation of the CDU, from Standard Operating Procedures to suitable airport scenery. But its existence does inevitably pose the question — what is meant by the term “Commercial Airliners”? And that question isn’t too easy to answer, when you think about it. I think that most people vaguely assume that airliners are simply the bigger aircraft in the sky, which is fair e
  6. Hi gang, here is a new fun topic for you to join in with. Let's see how long we can keep this one going.. Poetic replies only please, let's see how it goes! Here's your starter... ===================================== There was an old lady from Chiselhurst..
  7. Andrew Godden has just announced that entries to his Great Australian Air Rally (GAAR) for 2014, are now open. More info here: http://www.bluegrassairlines.com/operations/gar_gp/2014/gaar_2014/index.html We've had a Team Mutley entry for the last couple of years, so, please post if you're interested in joining the Team for 2014, and let us know if you have a preference for which aircraft you'd like the team to fly (see the GAAR website for types). And a Big Thank You to Andrew - Well Done, Mate. Look forward to another challenging rally! Cheers - Dai.
  8. It's that time of year again! Andrew Godden has just announced GAAR 2013 - it looks like this: 10 fairly straightforward flight stages (Not if I know Andrew! - Ed) and another opportunity for Team Mutley to shine (we were World Champions in 2012). To date, we have several stalwarts lined up for Team Mutley - Joe, Andrew and Brett have all shown their interest. Anyone can join in and being a member of an experienced team is a great way to get involved if you've not flown this type of rally before. So, let's hear from you! Last year we fielded 2 teams for the Mutley's Easter Bunny Rally, so
  9. Slopey, the developer of AirHauler, is proposing an AirHauler fly-in for December 1st. See his thread at the JF forum here... http://forum.justflight.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=19914 "There'll be a FSHost multiplayer server running, Teamspeak for voice comms, and I'm sure I'll have a few door prizes available for those attending" I'm sure more details will emerge as this progresses. The last time this was done, about two years ago, it was coupled with an attempt to set a record for the most simultaneous AirHauler flyers on line. That hasn't been mentioned this time out yet, but I think that
  10. Hi guys, I'm posting this here in the hope of getting some help for my friend and pc pilot collegue, Tony Radmilovich. For readers of the magazine, you'll be more than familiar with Tony's reviews and articles. Well he's in need of some help. Here are the details as written by Jane Whittaker Gang, I am contacting you with some urgency with a request to publicise and help with a plea for help from Tony Radmilovich. As you may know, Tony is a key member of the flight sim community. He has written for the flight sim websites, PC Pilot, Computer Pilot and is an active member of many flight s
  11. Hi All, I am in search for a nice holiday destination scenery that is around 2 hours away from the UK - I am looking for a good scenery addon that meets this criteria? I have looked at the Corfu X but was disappointed - I have hawaii that I am happy with but it is obviously too far away If you have scenery that meets what I am looking for and you can first hand recommend it please post here; I am not looking for people to post links they do not have as I have google for that. This is purely for recommended scenery only. Cheers people Jim
  12. A detailed documentation with pictures form each stopover and final destination will follow. Cheers --- Frankfurt am Main (EDDF) East Midland (EGNX) Glasgow (EGPF) Keflavik (BIKF) Narsarsuaq (BGBW) ... Winnipeg Calgary Anchorage 1.00.___________________________ ***Ticker***Ticker***Ticker***_________________________ Aircraft is at Keflavik Airport. Feb.22. ---Termination message, due to cockpit- Conversions !.--- until further notice. working on it: Aug. 28. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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