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  1. As the title says I have lost my Addon menu from the main menu bar in FSX. I now don't have access to Accu-feel, FS Recorder or FSUIPC Has anybody come across this and more importantly anybody know how to fix it. As always any help greatly appreciated. Problem solved - I don't know why this works but I ran the FSUIPC4.exe again and whilst it said it was already installed correctly when I went back into FSX the "Addons" menu was back and I had access to the various addons.
  2. I am currently having an issue where after takeoff the aircraft is showing that I can only get to about 240kts before it gets to the red overspeed line and that will then disconnect the AP, I have gone through all my initial inputs setting up and all seems ok. Currently having to manage the AC at about 235kts to avoid overspeed. This is the JARDESIGNS A320, XP 10.51, checked on JARS web but cant see this issue, all other things are running as expected, however when Autothruster gets above FL100 and wants to power on it cant because of the overspeed warning. If you need anymore info
  3. Hi there, I have recently noticed that when I'm flying my 737-800, the wind speed reading I get from the HSI is different than the wind speed reading from the PROG Page on the FMC. Why is this? And which one should I use? Thanks, Ardy.
  4. Thanks to one of our valued members who informed me they couldn't donate as the button on the home page has stopped working. So I have disabled it and removed it from our home page until it is fixed. In the mean time if you wish to make a donation please PM me and I will give you the PayPal address. Thanks, Joe
  5. Anyone out there using this?....I have been going through just the startup a few times just to get the hang of it... sort of sussed that out now however when I hook up the tug I cant release the brakes.. I normally operate brakes on screen or I have the trigger on my joystick set to toggle brakes on or off... is there a setting or way of assigning the brakes somewhere else...I press the trigger and Mike says brakes off followed immediately brakes on.. cant move it on screen with mouse.. Thanks in advance.. Wayne
  6. I am having an issue, I am using FSX and for some reason my Trimwheel is making the aircraft bank left or right, I have been looking to set it correctly but just cant work it out, am I setting an axis? if so what? tried lots of different things but nothing seems to sort it so I think I am going about it wrong....Any pointers would be great.. Thanks...
  7. I am trying to install EZDok v1.18.7 into P3D v3.2 I cant get it to work!! I keep getting the following error: The ROOT section in EXE.XML file not found. EZCA will not start automatically There are a few suggested fixes out there on the interwebs which involve manually adding lines to to the EXE.XML file, which I have tried and which don't work for me. I do get some output to the install process as the View>Change View and View>New View both have a menu item of EZCA World Cam. This menu item if clicked takes you off to a place way above
  8. When I push any of the levers on TPM in fully they only show 70% in sim...is it nullzones or something needs changing? Thanks...
  9. So I have downloaded the suggested airport files from Mr Allard on Mutleys home page - where do I put these to be able to access them in Plan G?
  10. I am thinking of getting some new RAM. However if I boot up my PC I cant see the Asus splashscreen and dont get the option to enter the bios. I have tried firing it up and pressing the keys whilst its loading..I believe this should still get me into the bios. However this just causes my PC to lockup and I have to press reset. Everything is working fine and I have no issues with anything. I am on win 8.1 and all drivers are up to date. Do I need to get into that screen after installing Ram or is it likely to just be fine.. Thanks for any duggestions.. Wayne
  11. I have two Saitek FIPs ans I am trying to get them working with my new PC. However I keep getting the following errors: Failed to open DirectOutput.DLL key in the registry. And Failed to read the name of DirectOutput.DLL Can anyone tell me what has gone wrong? I have tried Googling these errors but any reply I get is to generic to be of much use. J
  12. For quite a wile now, I've been toying with the idea of making it easier to get around all the buttons and switches in my most complicated aircraft (PMDG J41, 737NG and 747), so I have been looking at TrackIR and the new Tobii EyeX. Although the Tobii looks really interesting and dispenses with the need to wear a hat, or a headset, it doesn't appear to be capable of zooming in or out, and makes it a little too hard to look down at the keyboard/panels etc. without feeling sick when the screen is constantly moving. Oculus Rift wouldn't interest me as its far too expensive, and you can't
  13. Can anyone tell me how to create an album in FS Snaps? Can't seem to figure it out. Thanks!
  14. Hello all. I want to make a repaint for the Milviz F4 Phantom. Milviz kindly provide a good paint kit with this addon but this comes as a set of PSD files. I dont have Photoshop, and like to do all my artwork in the GIMP. GIMP wont open PSD files properly, and Photoshop wont write native GIMP files. I need to find a way to convert a bunch of PSD files to a format that will be read into Gimp but at the same time preserve the layered format. Someone suggested that this could be achieved by converting the PSD files to layered Tiff files and then load these into the GIMP.
  15. Hi everyone! I want to get back into FSX but the load times are ridiculous and SSDs are out of the question sadly (5mins to load to splash screen, another minute to open aircraft list). I simply have a bloated FSX - currently about 70Gb, mostly aircraft, and a lot of them I don't even like very much. I want to start over. I have my FSX Acceleration Gold DVD with me, plus Traffic X, AirHauler, and some basic add-ons I got ages ago. I have REX Essential Plus Overdrive but no disc on me I believe (may have been a download). Ideally, I'd uninstall completely, and remove EVERY add-on I've
  16. Hi, I have a minor but annoying problem. I recently installed a freeware add-on airport for Malaga (LEMG). The airport installs fine and appears normally within the sim (FSX-SE) but the default map still shows all of the airport details for the original stock FSX airport (i.e. runways 14/32 instead of 13/31) and when you select a parking position the plane usually ends up half in a building. I also noticed that on my Flight Sim Commander map the details are also of the stock airport. I am no expert with the scenery cfg file but I looked in there and as far as i can tell the entry for
  17. GSX will not work with FSX..?......... I get an Error with the bglmanx .dll Dynamic link Library......any ideas guy`s.......... Regards Brian.
  18. I have downloaded windows 10 to my main machine which is Sim-pc which runs FSX and all my addons plus PMDG NGX....but the menues did not work so I retuned to windows 7, FSX then worked ok.. That said, the following problem manifested itself...........Let me explain...I have Sim-pc the main computer running windows 7 and networked with my laptop Pilot-pc, running windows 10.........the problem is that I cannot access the C: folders from Sim-pc to Pilot-pc through the network or from Pilot-pc to Sim-pc...I get the error ..Windows cannot access \\Pilot-pc\c or \\Sim-pc\c you do not have permi
  19. I have updated the above. However in PFPX it still shows the 2013 version it came with. On the updater the path was green indicating it was correct...anyine familiar with this...I have looked on Aerosoft but not very helpful.. Ither than that I can tinker and see what happens... Wayne
  20. I was wondering if someone would check to see if they have the same thing in the PC as me. I would be most appreciative. The backstory is that I tried to download and install an older version of Photoshop Pro from a site Joe had linked in another thread. Short story is I tried two versions and couldn't get anything to work and deleted them, no big deal. While doing all of that a new Yahoo Toolbar appeared that I was able to get rid of no problem. What also appeared was a Homegroup icon on my desktop that was never there before. I couldn't scan it with a right click and scan or anything e
  21. Hi all Can you tell me what the diffrence is between gtx Europe ang utx europe. I have already got utx europe but i am looking to get gtx Europe i would like to no the diffrence between them please.
  22. Something strange is going on on my FSX install. I have what I can only describe as view creep. I was starting a flight the other day and I noticed something strange. My view forward in my cockpit was juddering. It was as if I was moving my view to the left and then back to where it should be, it was happening all the time but with slight variances in the judders. My first thought was 'is it something to do with EZDok? So I switched out EZDok. My judder became a creep. It seems that the viewpoint was moving to the left and being bought back into line by EZDok and having switched it
  23. The Registration Key for the "Skysim Sea Vixen" is attached to the back of the user manual that comes with the DVD. I have been to the forum recently because I needed to reinstall the "Sea Vixen" after a complete uninstallation of FSX (and all addons, including aircraft) and subsequent reinstallion. I had forgotten the registration key and was asking for help in how to recover the key. This info' on the location of the key may be of help to others.
  24. A while ago in FSX I created a flight plan from London City to Farnborough as a test. It was stored in C\Users\Me\Docs\FSX Files as IFR London City to Farnborough. After a while I went into FSX Files and deleted it. But now whenever I start FSX I see a warning window on the Splash Screen saying the file cannot be found. I click OK and the message repeats. I click OK and FSX runs as advertised. I have been back to FSX Files and deleted all of my IFR files in the hope that would sort the problem out, it hasn't. This warning message is beginning to annoy me, does anyone know of a
  25. Yesterday ORBX puahed out an update for vector in FSX and P3Dv2.5...I installed this but now cant open either sim... anyone else seeing this issue? Wayne
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