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Found 22 results

  1. EHAM - EGFF using ORBX TEGB South: Pushback at EHAM: Approaching 24: Just crossed the English coast at Southend: Over London, Hyde Park bottom left. Wembley Stadium under aircraft, Heathrow top centre: First glimpse of the Bristol channel from above Wiltshire: Bristol Airport below: On final into 30 at CDF: Almost touchdown: Heading for gate 9: Thank you for flying Trans European, we hope you enjoyed your flight.
  2. Check out that shadow at Dublin: Amsterdam: X-Plane, don't you just love it...
  3. Readying SW Cargo for it's 1495nm journey to Chicago O'Hare:
  4. RAF crews on familiarisation of the Poseidon P-8A with a US Navy team. Patrolling GB True Earth South. Out of Brize Norton: Approaching the border between GB south and Central: Still on border watch, with East Midlands airport below: Spying on the spies at GCHQ Cheltenham [The circular building]:
  5. If you wanna scare fly RyanAir
  6. Spot the Horse; ORBX TrueEarth GB South Wales: See him now? left of my port exhaust outlet....
  7. 0435 at CYYJ Victoria, Vancouver Island: McKinnon 737 Combi...
  8. TBM900 all secure at Santa Barbara California KSBA. FS Global real world weather
  9. Re-paint available from: http://forums.x-pilot.com/files/file/1128-hot-start-tbm900-ocean-teal/
  10. FEDEX at Burbank California KBUR commonly known as Bob Hope Airport: Real World Weather
  11. My Global Cargo 747 shows up nice. World Traffic 3 also in operation..
  12. At Los Angeles cargo pens: Being fed: 6 Aircraft in the sky with this shot, 3 going and 3 arriving: Soon to be away:
  13. I have been missing my 747-8F (PMDG) from FSX, so bought the XP SSG Version and done my paint for it:
  14. Out of 7R @KPHX "Spirit of Enterprise": : Climbing on course for FL330 to KLAX: At cruising altitude FL330: Crossing the threshold of 25R @KLAX: All shut down at the cargo pens:
  15. Work in Progress of a 738F for Zibo and Default 737 in X-Plane:
  16. American on very short final to runway 8 @ KPHX X-Plane 11
  17. Southwest Cargo operated by airlogix at Seattle Tacoma awaiting clearance to Salt Lake City:
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