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Found 24 results

  1. I have been struggling to print several pages from the Connie handbook, there is a section that explains what I need to do and then what my Virtual crew will do, everything I tried would not let me print, eventually I converted the handbook to 'Word' doc and it was ok...I tested other manuals, iFLY, Aerosoft, Majestic etc and all were ok using default apps..... Is this an A2A thing? or just an issue for me? Wayne
  2. what a bad day to take delivery of my new wings, been putting off buying this for a long time but today she was delivered, not much time this week so I will probably just have a play around, kick the tyres, pull a few switches and read the book.........between this and the Dash I am feeling quite happy at the moment.......
  3. Picked this area up in the sale, Southern California......quick trip from KSEE to KSNA.......had to turn of AS16 as the cloud was so low......using one of my A2A craft.....I do think I can adjust the settings it seems to me on performance I could possibly dial up the detail a notch or 2 more....
  4. So here is my P3D V4 setup with URP and PTA - a flight from Glasgow to Plockton in the Comanche. I finally reached the 200 hours. Thanks for viewing - if you wish to watch the full stream, head over to my YouTube channel in my signature.
  5. This update covers fixes for the L-079 Constellation but it is always a good idea to stay on top of the updates for all their aircraft you might own as some fixes might crossover to the others. For more information check their site @ http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=57819&view=unread#unread *********************************************************************************************** This one A2A Update detects and updates our entire fleet of Accu-Sim aircraft. AIRCRAFT INCLUDED - B377 “Stratocruiser” (original release) - B377 “Captai
  6. So I updated my old 172 chrome livery to have my normal registration - it used to be 'JD-29' as I was 29 when I painted her and was only just getting into the simming world back then. It was not so easy as I had a custom alpha on this one too so a bit more fiddling than usual. Well I took her out for an hours flight from East Midlands to Welshpool and grabbed a shot after parking...
  7. Mustang! Thunderbolt! Hellcat! Corsair! Spitfire! Hurricane! These and many of the other great Allied fighter aircraft of World War Two are highly familiar to a great many people and to everyone interested in aviation history. All of these aeroplanes and the valiant pilots who flew them did their very crucial part to ensure the Allied victory over Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan. However, what all of these pilots who flew these aeroplanes, all of the celebrated aces and all of those who flew with them have in common is one aeroplane, one which is not nearly as well-known or popularly c
  8. North part, TO from YPTN to YJAB.
  9. Lewis has posted the following on Facebook.. The A2A Store has now been updated so P3D users can download v3 compatible installers for free once you log into your account; https://www.a2asimulations.com/store/ The new installers have also been sent out to third party vendors of our simulations and these will become available from the stores as they update. We have also updated the Accu-sim updater so it will correctly read and update a P3D V3 installation here; http://www.a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php… And as always any issues please do report them on our support forums here so we
  10. Just published is Jessica Bannister-Pearce's review of the A2A - Accu-Sim 'Comanche' 250. We all know Accu-Sim has vastly increased the realism of flight sim, does this model live up to A2A's reputation? Read on... See the A2A Comanche LIVE on our stand (23) at the FlightSim 2015 show at RAF Cosford next Saturday, 3rd of October 2015.
  11. This one A2A Update now detects and updates our entire fleet of Accu-Sim aircraft. AIRCRAFT INCLUDED - B377 “Stratocruiser” (original release) - B377 “Captain of the Ship” - Piper J3 “Cub” - P-47 “Razorback” - B-17 “Flying Fortress” - Supermarine “Spitfire” - P-40 “Warhawk” - P-51 “Military” Mustang - P-51 “Civilian” Mustang - C172 “Trainer” - Piper Cherokee "180" - C182 "Skylane" - Piper 'Comanche" 250 DOWNLOAD http://www.a2asimulations.com/downloads/updates/fsx/A2A_Update_09_15_15.zip 06/28/2015 - 09/15/2015 CHANGES: GA: Accu-Sim "Enhanced Induced Drag" update: - Moved induced drag fro
  12. • Aircraft DNA technology re-creates actual engine and airframe vibrations. • A true propeller simulation. • Experience the world’s finest high performance general aviation airplanes ever created • Hand towing. • Immersive pre-flight inspection system designed by pilots while operating the actual Comanche 250. • Electric starter with accurate cranking power. • Dynamic ground physics including both hard pavement and soft grass modeling. • Primer-only starts are now possible. Accu-Sim monitors the amoun
  13. We are happy to release the latest Accu-sim updater dated 15th April 2015. This one A2A Update now detects and updates our entire fleet of Accu-Sim aircraft. The latest update focuses on the GA fleet though some changes have been made to the Accu-sim core simulation engine. Summary below with a link at the end to the main forum thread with full details and download. AIRCRAFT INCLUDED - B377 “Stratocruiser” (original release) - B377 “Captain of the Ship” - Piper J3 “Cub” - P-47 “Razorback” - B-17 “Flying Fortress” - Supermarine “Spitfire” - P-40 “Warhawk” - P-51 “Military” Musta
  14. This one A2A Update now detects and updates our entire fleet of Accu-Sim aircraft. AIRCRAFT INCLUDED - B377 “Stratocruiser” (original release) - B377 “Captain of the Ship” - Piper J3 “Cub” - P-47 “Razorback” - B-17 “Flying Fortress” - Supermarine “Spitfire” - P-40 “Warhawk” - P-51 “Military” Mustang - P-51 “Civilian” Mustang - C172 “Trainer” - Piper Cherokee "180" NOTE We are now using DATES instead of numbers for version control. 09/26/2014 CHANGES Cherokee: - New illuminated landing lights - New climb gauge physics (slower and matched to real plane) - Add
  15. The log awaited release of the Accu-Sim C172 is over. For more details see here
  16. Just released is the next version of AccuFeel.... We are now live with the release of Accu:Feel Version 2.0 "Air, Land and Sea." Although we knew Accu-Feel would be popular, we had no idea at just how popular it was to become (with many listing it on there must have addons for FSX). Once we realized just how much people where enjoying this "touch of Accu-Sim" for there entire hangar, we knew that the bigger dreams we had for the update had to become a reality. And so, with hard work and a "can do" attitude we set out to bring in some our ideas from the notepads we had whilst developing the
  17. Published today is Rob Scott's review of the Accu-Feel addon for FSX It sounds good, but is it too good to be true? Read on..
  18. A2A have released an update to the Accu-Sim expansion pack for the Wings of POWER II: B-17. This update includes the previous v.1.1 update, and can be run over a fresh installation or an updated v.1.1 installation. Changes v.1.1 to v.1.2: - Fixed oil dilution bug - Lowered hydraulic pump motor sound - Fixed repeating oil dilution message - Fixed turbo pressure wiring bug which mis-wired #1 turbo into other turbos - Left and right magnetos inverted Changes v.1.0 to v.1.1: - Brake squealing and rubbing sounds occur independently on both brakes - Removed extraneous cowl flap open / clos
  19. Sabre

    Curtiss P40

    There have been a couple of posts with shots of this aircraft but the combination of A2A Simulations new P40 aircraft and the Orbx scenery make such a wonderful combination I thought I'd share the love :wub: The short flight started at W52 Goheen airfield and headed north east towards the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, turning north towards Mt Rainer before changing course to the north west and landing at Pierce County Airport - Thun Field. Saying goodbye to Ma and Pa on the veranda The grass strip proved rather hair raising in the old bird but we survived Heading out into Gifford P
  20. The latest Accusim innovations are being demonstrated here. (Thanks to Sabre for the H.U)
  21. A2A have released an update to their core Accu-Sim addon. This release affects the current Spitfire Mk1/11 and a download is available via their forums. There is a very comprehensive video illustrating the changes. Future aircraft in development like the P-40 and P51 will also take advantage of this improvement more here (Thanks to our news-hound Sabre!)
  22. From A2A - "Its update time at A2A Simulations. The team are busy as you know with a whole bunch of projects and so many are now really coming to the front of the queue. This update focuses on our warbirds in development and in particular, the highly anticipated Accu-Sim P-51D 'Mustang'. We also have some nice peaks of our P-40 Warhawk and Spitfire V." <object width="853" height="510"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejsc1BwKDn4?version=3&hl=en_GB&hd=1"></param><param'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejsc1BwKDn4?version=3&hl=en_GB&a
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