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Found 10 results

  1. Plan-G is a free VFR flight planner for MSFS series, P3D and X-Plane. It’s been available since 2008, from http://www.tasoftware.co.uk. The current release (3.2.2) gives access to MSFS through SimConnect or FSUIPC There is also a public alpha of v4 available through the forum. v4 is a major overhaul to the program, the main benefit to MSFS users is that it can read MSFS nav data, whereas the current release version relies on having data available from another sim. So, which build do I need? With one exception, 32-bit will do just fine. That exception is building a database for M
  2. For some considerable time I have used Plan-G with FSX, I love it! I have been using Plan-G on a second PC and use SimConnect to connect to FSX, but now I have installed P3D v4.1 and want to connect my Plan-G install to it via SimConnect. I have had a few problems and have yet to do this successfully. The following problems are those I have encountered together with the questions that they raise. I have added the P3D paths to the locations part and path to the P3D scenery.cfg . This I did by mapping a drive on the Plan-G PC and pointing the drive at the appropriate lo
  3. J G

    Subscription Maps

    I am looking into using subscription maps with Plan-G I understand from the manual that I should be able to use Mapbox to do this, but I don't understand how to make this work. It seems like Mapbox allows you to have 3000 tiles free and so it would seem to be a good idea to set up Plan-G with Mapbox so that: I know how to do it with other subscription services I know what to look for with a service before I subscribe - So I don't waste money on a subscription that wont work with Plan-G I have tried to set up Mapbox but with no luck. However I a
  4. Downloaded and installed Splashtop XDisplay (2.99 GBP) on the iPad (Thanks, Tim!) and connected to W7 PC via Splashtop Streamer (free). Works very well - a bit stuttery, but there are 3 other PC's connected to our (family) hub. Here's a photo of the iPod with Plan-G displayed on it, with the main monitor behind showing FSX: I've also undocked the New View from FSX and moved this onto the iPad - seems fine. I'm working towards an iPad display of the basic instruments leaving the FSX VC or external view on the main monitor. I'll report progress... I think I've arrived in the 21st Century...
  5. I guess most of us know how to prepare a flight plan using the FSX tool or Plan-G, however, I wondered if a tutorial might help, particularly for those who'd like to join in with rallies like MEBAR but lack the confidence - and experience, maybe - to translate a rally flight briefing into a flyable flight plan. Anyway, here's my attempt at introducing Plan-G for rally flight briefing: Please let me have your feedback! Cheers - Dai.
  6. A New Project If you use Tim Arnot's Plan-G flight planning freeware… http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/planG.htm ...this may be of interest to you. What I'm proposing to do may help you benefit from what I'm doing without replicating all my leg work yourself. I'm slowly populating my Plan-G charts folder tree with terminal procedures. I have an old (2011) DVD copy of all of the US IAPs, STARs and SIDs. I will also add public domain, non-US terminal procedures as they become available and as time permits, however the primary focus for the time bei
  7. The popular flight planner "Plan-G" from TA Software is almost ready for take off in it's latest major version update, V3. Released in 2009, Plan‐G was the first Flight Simulator planning software tool to use the acclaimed and versatile Google Maps mapping tool. Hitherto, the inbuilt planner and third party external flight planners have extrapolated geographic data from the Simulator program itself, with the limitation which that entails. Plan‐G was instantly popular and widely acclaimed across the flight simulator enthusiast world, and in August 2011 won the prestigious Mutley’s Hangar A
  8. The long anticipated release of Plan-G V3 has arrived. Tim Arnot, the mastermind behind behind TA Software and Plan-G, has announced in their forums that the product has been released. See here This is a complete major re-write of the core code. G3 uses maps based on Open StreetMap (OSM) data. This has the advantage of being free and will always be free. The old mapping software sourced from Google is now subject to possible levy's which cannot be borne by TA Software. The preferred servers for PG3 are from MapQuest, which is a commercial company that sponsors a free access server and do
  9. Hello Simmers, When I read birdmanmike's Air Hauler adventures I noticed he uses plan-G along with AH. I cannot use plan-G along with AH, I thought it was normal because AH connects to fsx and plan-G also, maybe just 1 at the time. But by birdmanmike it works.. Does anyone have some tips or clues to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance. Jan.
  10. If you like flying in NZ, you can now do so with some VRP's and Plan-G http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/11498-utilities-plang-visual-reporting-points-new-zealand/
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