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48 capitals, 10,000 miles

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This is a tour unlike most.  I am building a Cozy Mark IV (http://www.n312rb.com) and I intend to complete this trip someday, I will fly all flights real-time, IFR rules and follow V airways.  Weather will play a part as well as ATC delays, changes etc.


Here is the route




and a link to the BIIIIG version: http://www.n312rb.com/tour/states-big.jpg


I am going to fly this with the Alphasim Long EZ, not quite the same airplane, but I have modificated the .cfg and I have fuel burn and engine type/performance to what has been reported for the Cozy.  I just have a little bit of repainting work to do and I will be off.


The starting point is KIIB, the yellow dots are the capitals and the blue squares are fueling spots if needed, KITR and 0E0 are mandatory stops as that is where my wife and I have family.

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So Leg 1 saw us go from KIIB - Independence (Home) to the capital of Iowa - Des Moines (KIKV)


The flight plan was fairly straight forward, get in the "system" as soon as possible so we intercepted INDET intersection to the ALO VOR.




Backtaxiing on 35 (now 36, FSX is behind) for a southwest departure




Turning around...




And we are outta here!  See ya on the flip side Indee!




Positive rate, gear up, we are out of usable runway






Our cruise altitude today was 8,000 ft. which gave us a tailwind, but also put us in the soup.  Here we are turning towards DEWAR intersection after crossing over INDET




Climbing at 160kts. indicated and 2000 fpm, actual Renesis-powered Cozy figures




A brief pop out into sunlight, it lasted about .5 minutes






Descending through 2,500 feet and looking for the localizer, glideslope alive





Down and safe just as the lightning starts!




Turned out to be a fairly crappy, bumpy ride, but we are here in one piece

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