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FS Global Weather released

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Hi Bernd,


I am trying to install the demo, and I also can't get past the .net error message. I have .net 4.0 and all the updates already installed, and don't want to screw around with reinstalling it.


Is there a web page and a manual available for this product?


I have found it very difficult to find out any detailed info on this product and how it works. I don't have facebook, and have no interest in obtaining it.


I have a multi PC and multi monitor home cockpit networked with wideview and a licensed FSUIPC. Can you tell me how the FSUIPC bridge works? Do you install anything on the clients?


Is this program capable of networking multi PC's without being run through Wideview? The problem I have with the other weather programs run through Wideview is that they don't update the server weather on the clients properly. If this is possible, It could be of extreme interest to cockpit builders!





Bill I have built a few multi p.c. systems, although I only use a single p.c. system currently. I have used wideview quite a lot and as I understand it and have experienced, you cannot get the central view to portray the same individual cloud as the side views as each p.c. will create its own interpretation of the weather and there is so far no linking program that will take the central p.c's cloud and produce the same cloud on the side views. As you say, if FSGRW could do this it would be an enormous bonus to them. Perhaps Stefan or Bernd could offer their thoughts on this as they know the technical aspects far better than I.

With respect to net 4 i installed it again, rebooted the p.c. and all was ok.

with respect to FSUIPC you have the choice of leaving your original version in place by hitting their cancel button, for whatever reason my Norton 360 sees their installation of FSUIPC as containing a virus, so it removes their version of FSUIPC , I then have to reinstall 4.90 from a download that I have backed up .

However this is not the fault of PILOTS I believe.

We are hoping to do a direct comparison of the FSGRW weather with reality on Tuesday , I have already done some favourable comparisons in the region where i live however there is nothing like flying in reality and taking pictures of the weather and comparing it to what the p.c. produces from the METAR of the same period. This we hope to accomplish on Tuesday.



I have a Wideview dedicated server that is only used for guages, and is not used to display an outside view. The two clients are for the 3 front and 2 side views. FSX SP2 implemented the synchronized clouds when networked, so

I don't have any problems with the clouds not being in sync. The same cloud moves from the front monitors to the side monitors, and the cloud patterns change constantly in sync.


The problem I have is that when the weather changes on the server as the metar is updated, it doesn't always change on the clients automatically, even though I have Wideview set to update automatically. The server could change from heavy overcast to scattered, few, clear etc... and the clients will stay at heavy overcast untill I update them manually. Then they will be the same as the server untill it updates again.  I have this issue with both Active Sky Evolution and Real Environment Extreme w/ Overdrive.


I tried OpusFSX with it's all in one networking and weather. I really liked the weather and support, and stuck with it for quite awhile, but the stuttering I was getting on the clients became unbearable and couldn't be resolved, so I went back to using Wideview. This time using a dedicated server not displaying outside views. That was the answer for the stuttering, and I finally have very smooth clients, but now I have the weather issues.


I just can't seem to get a complete solution, so I am hoping that FSGRW will be the answer. I am hoping that I can check off Wideview to not control the weather, and have FSGRW handle the networked weather on its own like OpusFSX does and still use Wideview for the networked views. 


I have been in contact with Stefan and Bernd by email, and they have sorted out my problems with .Net 4 so I am hoping to give it a run up tomorrow.


I have been very pleased with their support!


Looking forward to seeing your results of your comparison of FSGRW weather with reality!





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