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Realflight R/C Simulator

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Hello Phil,


I use the same software to keep myself sharp (pun intended) on my Blade 400.


I've had some fun with the controller in FSX. FSX doesn't really care what you use for input and I've successfully flown the FSX helis using the DX6 transmitter hook up for Realflight. I'm actually quite a bit better on that controller than trying to use the joystick. Using a locked spot external view is quite similar to watching a model fly. It is interesting to note that the stock FSX Robinson flies just like a 3D model heli. The throttle/collective mapping in FSX actually works quite similar to the gentler programmed curves for the Blade 400.

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That's really nicely done, Phil.


I find the smoke effect really helpful to watch the track. Unfortunately for me it's been 30 years since I flew a gasser. All my recent birds have been electric (no smoke). 


Passages arrived in Vancouver and was launched over the side of the ship today. Lots of work needed to clean her up and get the mast back up - but I'll have my Blade 400 back!



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