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I am new here but I thought that I might share what I do for fun. I am the flight lead of a 6 ship demonstration team we emulate the USAF Thunderbirds Flight Demonstration Squadron. Well here is a few pictures, to show what we do. Formation is our thing. One difference is that we fly in Prepar3d which is like FSX's younger brother with more stable Multiplayer. :)


(Sorry about the watermarks, they get branded onto all of our images if they go on our website.)


Diamond Pass In Review



Trail Formation



Trail to Diamond (Just before the transition)



Fingertip Formation Takeoff



Solos, Calypso Pass



Solos, Reflection Pass



More pictures HERE


Hope you like them! I know we all do.

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Wow! Now that's some marvelous stuff right there. How the heck do you do that? Welcome aboard, Michael. As a relative newbie here myself I can tell you you'll be made very welcome here and have lots of fun. Thanks for the great pics. A great way to introduce yourself to the gang. :welcomeani:

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Hi Michael, welcome to Mutley's and thanks for sharing.

Without doubt, formation flying with this amount of accuracy takes a whole lot skill, especially when it comes to subtle inputs to keep those shapes tidy.


Great to hear P3D is making it happen. When does your live stream normally air?




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Welcome to MH, Michael. Grab a beer, have a seat and kick off your shoes. I think you're going to fit right in here.

Are you on active duty or is that an older photo?


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I am actually a college student going through the Army ROTC program, 3rd year now, thanks for the warm welcome. To answer the question when we air, it usually depends on if there is a show coming up where multiple teams perform in certain time slots. So safe to say, that if anything is being planned as far as a live stream performance, it would be all over flightsim.com etc.  Also, we do have weekly practices (3 times a week) sometimes more if we are getting ready for a show, but that will not be for a while, we are training up brand new solo pilots, and we are still looking for someone who is interested in flying the number 4 spot. But we do occasionally livestream our practices as there is no way to record them in P3d as of now (aka FSRecorder). We are hoping to have a full team really soon, so maybe if any of you know anyone who would be interested in this sort of thing send em our way haha  ;)


We do hold public sessions, actually in about 10 minutes or so we are about to go up on our 24 / 7 FSOpen server. 


If you guys want to see more pictures from the upcoming team just let me know and I will post them up.



- Michael

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That will teach me not to read evrything properly, I thought wow !!! we are amongst exalted company here!! 


untill the word simulator finally jumped out at me. Nonetheless taking nothing away from you, I know how hard it is and how naff fsx/p3d is for formation flying with 1 plane , so to do it with more----- deep respect!!


I have flown across the channel in close formation with another real plane and it is piss easy, FSX is a whole new and more difficult ball game IMHO, if you make a video aim us at it


ROTC i remember that well, surprised, and happy to hear  it is still going


welcome aboard

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