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My first post so thanks for having me on board.


I have run into a problem with OpusFSX and 'saved flights',  In order to fix this I was advised to clear out my saved flights.  When I checked these in the Documents\Flight Simulator X files folder I found hundreds of FSSAVE files (and their matching weather files).  It looks as though FSX has saved every flight I ever flew. 


I rarely use the 'Save Flight' option. Can it be that FSX saves all flights by default?   


Can anyone shed any light on this? 



PS  I understand that in FS9 (maybe FSX) the last flight is saved by default. 

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Hi John,


Welcome to the forum.


I expect if you loaded up some of these saved files you would find that some of them would have been created when you installed some scenery or aircraft. Have a look at the descriptions do you recognise them as flights you have made?


Do you have the registered version of FSUIPC with autosave on, shouldn't keep creating new files though.


If you are deleting files be careful not to delete the system files.






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Thanks, Joe.


You're right that some of these self-installed with aircraft and sceneries.  Others, not.  FSUIPC autosave is not on.  I don't recognise most of the flights so it really is a bit of a mystery. 


Anyways, I've deleted most of them (not the system files) so it'll be interesting to see what happens.  Incidentally, the problem with OpusFSX had nothing to do with 'saved flights'. 

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