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Hi fellow Mutley's Hangar-ons,


I've got a question for the techie side of the forum.


I'm on my way to Europe in late September, France in particular. This type of trip requires living out of a suitcase too small to transport my joystick, so I've been looking at alternatives - 


I've got a Logitech Gamepad. This is a multi-button gadget with two joysticks used by the pimple poppers to kill things on the internet (and, I believe, on Gamebox/X-box etc). I could carry that in my bag.


Anyone on mutley's who has tried the Gamepad as a joystick? Any comments/tips on programming it (I haven't installed it yet)?




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I don't have an answer to your question but maybe you could get your wife to carry your joystick, they bring too much silly stuff anyway. :D  


Just guessing here, save your settings configuration and name it something recognizable. Plug in the new controller and see if you can change the way it performs, button wise and then save that setting configuration. FSX allows you to load different config setting files and I would think this would include the controller. Best to wait for the pro's to weigh in too before messing around, I was just bored and felt like talking to you. ;)  

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Thanks for that Brett,


I was going to hang tough for the pros, no sense in chasing my tail.


I've had no luck with saving different configurations for FSX. I tried saving a setup for taildraggers (tailwheel lock, etc) and simple versus complex (prop control) engine controls. Every time I mess with it it seems to do me a dirty. FSUIPC is much better for saving different configurations and that is probably where I'm going to be going with the Gamepad.


Simple things may have to be a reversion to the keyboard shortcuts - the throttle comes to mind as there is no ratcheting control on the Gamepad. As you say, I should just plug it in and play with it. However, the one I have is the wireless version and It isn't just a USB plug in situation. It's quick setup instructions are already talking about different modes and software.


We'll see.

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March, I've been using the Logitech F710 wireless gamepad on FSX for months and it works just fine. Ignore the profile thingummie in the Logitech software and go straight to the FSX 'Buttons/Keys' tab in the 'Settings - Controls' section and just assign the buttons of the gamepad in the Joystick column. For some reason FSX recognises my Gamepad as an Xbox 360 gamepad but it works fine. Assignments is a personal preferance but if it helps I have mine set up as follows....


First, make sure the little 'Input Mode' button on the front is set to 'X'.


Brakes (apply/release) = Button A (Repeat Slider full right)

Elevator trim (down) = D-Pad Up (Repeat Slider full left)

Elevator Trim (up) = D-Pad Down (Repeat Slider full left)

Flaps (extend incrementally) = D-Pad Right (Repeat Slider full left)

Flaps (retract incrementally) = D-Pad left (Repeat Slider full left)

Landing gear (extend/retract) = Button X (Repeat Slider full left)

Spoilers (extend/retract) = Left Shoulder/LB (Repeat Slider full left)

Throttle (decrease) = Button B (repeat slider full right)

Throttle (increase = Button Y (repeat slider full right)

Rudder = LT and RT

Pitch/Yaw = Left thumb pad

Camera/look = Right thumb pad


I'm not saying the above is the best setup, just the one I use.


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Thanks for that, Mistwalker,


I'll give it a go. 


I tried last night without doing any changes and found the most difficult part is that the device is designed to be held in both hands. This makes for awkward fumbling when trying to get at the keyboard, however, that's just something I need to get used to.

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