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Sitka Approach

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Am a flight sim addict (understatement) & computer illiterate(understatement). How does the plane in the Sitka Approach Mission get the "view" of the "nose" showing? I LIKE this "view." Like in the Grumman goose which comes up easy. How do I get the NOSE view in other airplanes? NOSY ain't I ? HEY THANKS for any help !!!

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First off, welcome to the site and forum Donald. Glad to have you aboard.


I'm not sure which one is the nose view but you can use the "S" key to switch between the types of views and then the "A" key to switch within those different views. It also might be best to wait for a more professional answer from our members, I just wanted to say hi. :D  

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Hi Donald and Welcome to Mutley's.

Do you mean the 2-D Instrument Panel View or do you wish to see 'over the nose' in the VC? Either way, the Cessna is similar to the Goose. More info and we'll sort you out! :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :cool:

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Hope this gets to David & Brett. Thanks friends !!!

I used the "Sitka Mission approach"  to hopefully show what I was trying to accomplish. I cannot get the nose to show on the Cessna 172 like it shows in that short mission. I tried using the S & A keys but everything I try still will not bring up the nose showing from the cockpit like it shows in the Sitka approach mission. I like to see the "nose" of the plane "from" the cockpit although techinally it is called "virtual" cockpit. All I can see "from" the cockpit is the propeller when I am looking through the windshield. The Mission I am speaking of is on the MFSX Edition. If you bring that mission up, it shows the plane approaching Sitka & you can see the nose of the plane leading up to the propeller from the cockpit. The Grumman Goose brings this "view" up naturally but I canno get the "nose view" in thr Cessna no matter what I do. YET there must be a way to do this because it is in the Sitka approach. THANKS !!!! for trying to help me !!! My E-mail address is, *********************

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Hi Donald,


I edited out your email address. Forgive me for being so forward but this is a good way to be inundated with spam and all sorts of bad stuff. If you do not mind this happening and wish to repost it in the forum please feel free and I apologize for doing this. You can always use the Private Message system within this site for private conversations with me or anyone else. We can discuss fixing your request right here in this thread so other members can add their input and anyone doing a search, that might want more information on this, can find everything they need to know right here in this thread.


Below is the view I see when I start my Sitka mission (note I have REX weather textures running) and the one below that is after hitting the "Ctrl+Spacebar" keys to bring myself to the default view. Both are at 70% zoom. When creating a mission within FSX the view must be pointed slightly downward to create the MedaData for some reason, even when the mission starts in the air. So in a sense this is a saved free flight view which is used to start creating the mission around. This is why you see more toward the bottom of the panel in the first image than in the default view setting. If you do not have the same view when starting your mission as shown in the first image than this is something we must look into. If you want the same VC view as the first image for all your aircraft upon startup than I will need to research this because as far as I know at this point only the 2D panel can be changed in the aircraft.cfg file. Please stay in touch so we can bring this to a helpful conclusion for you.


I have added the key combinations I use to change views when flying at the bottom of this post.


Mission start view



Default view   



 SHIFT+Enter= Up
 CTRL+Backspace= Forward
 CTRL+Enter= Backwards

 SHIFT + Plus key= Zoom in

 SHIFT + Minus key= Zoom out

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What "view" do you get BEFORE hitting the "Ctrl+Spacebar?" I get the same view your picture shows WHEN/AFTER I hit/click the "Ctrl+Spacebar"  too. This is what I do not want, i.e., the view that appears AFTER clicking the "Ctrl+Spacebar." As I said up front, I am computer illiterate. ANYWAY, I saved the "picture view" I get WHEN the Sitka Mission approach comes up on my computer. However,the only thing I see to do as far as sending it to anyone is,"send to mail recipient"  & I take this to mean an E mail recipient. If I had a choice of sending it to "Blog recipient" that would be all I need to do to show what I am trying to say. I would like to be able to bring up this "nose view" at any airport I start from in the Cessna & other planes if possible. Otherwise, I feel like I am flying a BOX. I wish I knew how to explain it better. This is why I like the Grumman goose & that is because I get the nose view. I guess I am using the wrong terminology to explain what I am trying to do but if you can tell me how to send this "view" I get when I bring up the Sitka Mission, tell me how to do so, i.e., send it to you. When I get in my little pickup truck, I can see the "hood"  & this is what I want in ANY plane OR as many planes as possible. ALSO, I am not a leech, freeloader,etc so tell me how to send a donation to Mutley's Hangar.

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BRETT !!! WOW !!! Your control + backspace gave me what I wanted. ALL these years & I never knew about this. HOW did you come to know this, i.e. these different shifts / controls etc.?? WOW THANKS !!! NOW I need to learn how to use the forum. Think I did something wrong to make myself a "Ground Staff member or whatever. NOW, how do I send a donation & don't tell me I don't need to. I really appreciate your help. 

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Re: > Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance. ~Confucius. You now have some "real knowledge" about me but nothing close to the "extent" of it. I should have said your information on "control + backspace" gave me what I wanted WHEN I am in "virtual cockpit mode." NOW I get the "hood/nose" of the plane.This is something I have tried to get for years & NOW thanks to you it has been accomplished. WOW !!! It may be no big deal for others but it is a big deal for me. Takes all kinds to make a world.

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I am glad you have finally gotten the view you want. :thum: I will mark this post solved. The way forums work is if you have anymore questions that deal with this same subject, you can still post them in this same thread and we will continue to try and help you. If you have a new question that deals with something that is not related to this subject, than please start another thread in the appropriate sections listed on the main page. This way subjects are kept separated.


You became a Ground Staff member when you first started posting in the forum. These titles are based on the amount of posts you make and will change at predetermined intervals.

If you would like to introduce yourself to the members here at Mutley's Hanger and tell us your history and flight sim interests, you can do so here in this thread. Rest assured you will be welcomed by the crew.


All contributions to help run this site are gladly accepted and donations can be made from the Main Page here and looking for the Forum Donations section along the right hand side of the page. You will see a little plane dragging a banner. Clicking on the donate button will bring up all the instructions. The Main page is also a good place to maneuver around the site and find the different sections available for your viewing pleasure.   


When I fly, I am constantly using all of the above key commands to get different views throughout my flight(I do not own TrackIR :( ). The complete list of these commands can be found in the Learning center within FSX, in your Settings/Controls/Key Commands section where they can be edited, a short version of the key commands can also be found while in flight by bringing up your Kneeboard (Shift+F10) and clicking on or cycling(repeatedly hitting Shift+F10) to the Keys Button. Scroll down to the section on views. 


I believe the default view in all aircraft is set within the Model of the plane by the author that designed it and cannot be edited. You have now found that it is easy to change views so this should not be a problem. If I am wrong I am sure someone will correct me.


FSX is a large program that has many interesting components. I have found the Learning center to be invaluable to learn about all the things you can use to control things within the sim. Do yourself a big favour and look into it. We all enjoy just flying but the flying experience is enhanced the more you learn about the built in functions that are available. Looking through old forum threads and posts will also give you a lot of great information.


Hope that answers everything, if not let me know. :)





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I lost my Internet connection (deleted Internet Explorer, I guess) & could not bring up ANYTHING including Mutley's. I think I did this accidently because I was so excited to get the view. I guess that's what happened.  Please don't take the time to answer this post. I now feel like I am a burden but I will do my best to make it up to you & Mutley's. I think I have found a home. As I said, please don't go to the trouble to answer this & THANKS for the advice re: me including my E mail address.

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A burden.....never. Flight simmers have egos as big as their hearts and love to help others out with what they know. :P  Kidding aside this is how the flight sim community has grown to what we have today, great folks that love to share in their passion.


BTW: I forgot to tell you how to post pictures on the site. See this instruction posted by our grand leader and web site creator. Hope you get your internet back and see this and I'm sorry I answered back anyway. :)  


:blahblah: There's no stopping me. :D

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