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My control panel is a black box in FSX?

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Suddenly some of the aircraft I'm flying just have a black box where the control panel should be.






The above photo is the FSX Tutorial 8 Transitioning to jets.

I've done it before and it was ok.


This seemed to happen after I had used the online tool Bojote's Tweaking and Tuning tool on my FSX.cfg file.

Of course I had saved my previous fsx.cfg file so I restored it.

However this problem remained.

I'm sure this is probably a common problem but I'm fairly new to FSX and I'm just starting to tweak (yeah this is probably just the start of my problems!)


Can someone give me some idea of what's happened and how I put it right?



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Hi Peter,


Welcome to Mutley's!


What it looks like to me is the panel window has repositioned itself off the bottom of the screen.


In windowed mode, move the mouse cursor just just above the bottom border of the FSX screen and see if the cursor changes to an up and down arrow if it does left click and hold and drag the screen up to the top and the panel should reappear.


If the panel screen is too far down and you can't grab it we can probably restore it another way through the config files.


Hope that is it.




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I'll give that a try when I get home tonight and let you know what happens.




EDIT: I was down your way last weekend. Flew Flybe into Southampton then on to Chichester/Goodwood Airfield.

I was doing the Top Gun Experience with my son at Ultimate High

A bit expensive but a fantastic experience.

Stayed at Premier Inn at Bognor Regis.

A great weekend.

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Hi Peter, welcome to the site. :)


I just checked out the site you linked, looks like a once in a life time(or more if you get hooked) experience. Lucky you and your son. :thum:


I'm surprised that Bojote's Tweaking tool would do that although there is a line in the FSX,cfg file that deals with the default view. I have seen this in a few aircraft when the default view section in the panel.cfg file was wrong but it can be easily fixed. First try Joe's tips, if that does not work we will be happy to help get to the bottom(pardon the pun ;) ) of this screen problem.  

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Thanks for the replies.

We both ordered the DVD of our experience and it should come within a couple of weeks.

I'll try and get it posted on youtube and give you a link.

It was stomach churning stuff!


I managed to get my control panal back using a combination of 'W' key and F9/F10/F11/F12.

I'm not quite sure what I did but a combination of pressing these keys seems to have got it back.

I then lost it again when I installed TrackIR5!

However I got it back again using a combination of these keys!


Not sure exactly what I've done but it worked.


Probably nothing to do with bojote's tweaking tool.

May have just been a coincidence that it happened after using it.


Just to say that I have found this site very helpful. I particularly like the reviews.


Thanks again.



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