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The Future of FSX? (Edits)

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Greetings folks,


I often wonder how far we shall see FSX, or any other flight simulator for that matter, progress in terms of 'how close to reality can it be made to look'. We have all seen many fantastic addons to our flight sim over the many years ranging from aircraft to scenery, from texture enhancements to booster programs, from freeware to payware, that have made our sim experience feel more real and enjoyable. However, I am sure you will all agree with me that it is still a far cry away from looking real. Still, with hardware ever improving, software developers getting better and bolder, who knows what we might see within the next decade in a flight simulator.


So let me share with you a little of what we may or may not see in the near future with this selection of post edited FSX screen shots,


Enjoy the view:





















Thank you for your time, hope you liked the view.

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Looks like you have been busy. Great shots and edits. :thum:


We are a long way from that type of clarity in a flight sim I think, at least at the home user level. Maybe our children or children's kids will look back at FSX/P3D and laugh comparing it to what we see now from the old commodore's second generation flight sim's. Their home PC's will probably only cost around 20 grand. :D  

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In the years ahead, it will become more immersive as a result of new nano technologies, whereby you will be immersed in a reality holographic simulation,


complete with smells, sounds, vibration etc.,  Roll on re-incarnation..  :faint:  :pilotic:  :cloudnine:

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Excellent screen shots Soya.


Does show how well the Aces team set down the foundations of FSX which is why it is now able to realise so much of its early potential with the modern affordable hardware power available 8-years or so later!.


Just a shame that Microsoft killed off the sim before a 64-bit version and allowing gpu cards to take over so much of the graphic 3-d transformations from the cpu would resolve the current memory and frame-rate issues.


Difficult to find a favourite of your screenshots, but number 7 - that airfield surrounded by mountains with the LAN aircraft in the foreground catches my eye; looks a challenging airport to drop into.




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