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No worries Bruce :)


I was actually just testing it myself since I felt a tad stupid for claiming you were wrong without being able to back it up with fact...  and as it turns out I was wrong., but at the same time correct.. go figure eh...


It's not the Texture resolution slider in the Scenery tab that is connected to that value, it's the Global Texture Resolution slider in the Graphics Tab. With that set to "Medium"  TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD is set to 256 in the config-file, and when cranked back up to it's full right position the value is set back to 1024...


So in a way it makes sense that it's reset to 1024 if you edit in a value higher than that..

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All seems to be running fine. The opening "Not Responding" notice seems to be a thing of the past.


I've reduced a lot of the sliders, especially in the "Scenery" menu. I do not use aftermarket scenery, it's FSX or nothing. I'm still getting (I think) stuttering while on the ground. The display periodically hangs for a half second or so, then carries on. This has never caused any CTD or OOM problems. Eye-Candy scenery is nice to have but I've resisted that one due to the limitations of the laptop.


I've done a few other things as well:


Used Ultimate Defrag to move all of the FSX files to the outer tracks (or wherever the UD definition puts the stuff). It's really neat to see a totally defragged disk. Look out! March is going to rock!


Many thanks to all and special thanks to Brian for all his trouble.



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Heyyyyyy!   :thum:   Many congratulations, my friend: hopefully, you're on the up and up!   :D


I'm sorry there was a certain amount of tedium to get through, but the thing that bedevils fsx is that no two installations are alike. So there's very few general rules — most are boringly specific to what we each of us have in the way of both hardware and software (which sometimes takes a certain amount of research to establish).


But hey — it's always a.... rich learning experience, to say the least.   :P


All the best!





I've been wondering whether maybe our difference of opinion might have been the result of the fact that you use the sliders. As an old hacker techie I never mess with sliders if I can get at the underlying values, which in this case are in the fsx.cfg file, of course. And apart from anything else, you can't get the SHD values of 2048 or 4096 by using the soi-disant Global Texture Resolution slider!    ;)  


Anyway, I have finally got back to my fsx machine and carried out a quick experiment, disabling Texture Max Load Editor and its associated Service and then monitoring the value of TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD while fsx messes about with it, and it seems to be being reset to the default if the existing value is different (whether higher or lower).


Mind you, what happens if you use sliders is anyone's guess......    ^_^


Incidentally, for the benefit of anyone reading this who is not sure about using Texture Max Load Editor, there's also a slightly simpler solution called "FSX MyConfig", which you can download from this URL:



All the best,




a.k.a. t' other fella






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I think I need to experiment a bit more then since I only changed things with the slider...


But it somehow seems strange that the value should change if you set it to a value lower than the maximum, at least if you pick a value that corresponds with an actual position of the slider...


In my way of thinking, and I've done the odd spot of VB-script/ASP programming for my personal entertainment, I would upon loading the program make sure that the position of the slider in the settings dialog corresponds with the value in a config-file. So if the value read from the config is 256 the slider should be at the "Medium" location, and thus the value wouldn't change when applying other settings...


Although I can understand the change back to a default state of 1024 if the config contains a value that isn't defined for the slider, say 265 for example... 


As for higher values there is off course no other solution than hacking changing them manually in fsx.cfg, but in this case we were talking about setting a lower value where with my way of thinking it really shouldn't be an issue....


By the way, that Texture Max Load Editor you mentioned sounds like a nice little piece of software.. must try to get that set up on my machine..  :thum:

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Yup, I reckon the difference must be in that <expletive deleted> slider.


If you're using the slider to lower the value, perhaps fsx would happily then hold it there. Ahhhh.... so maybe the "default" value that it changes TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD to is determined by the position of the slider, which would explain both your results and mine, since the slider can only set the value to 256 / 512 / 1024 (but no higher — and mine has remained untouched in the 1024 position since I first installed fsx.....)?    :wacko2:




Ah, fsx, how we love you, deep down. Very deep down!!!    :gaah:






a.k.a. someone else, er....


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