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Tomahawk in Alaska + Intro

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I want to start this off by saying hello to all of you!  I've been a lurker for awhile, viewing all the great pictures, videos, interresting disscuions and very helpful advice and I just want to be a part of it, adding to the chat and help when I can. 


I started with a copy of FS2002 I won back when it was brand new, but I was stuck with about 4fps on low settings.  I really got into it in FS2004 when we could finally afford a computer to run it.  Before that I survived on the occasional trips to the flea market and cleaning the shelves of old AOPA and Flying magazine's and driving out to our 'local' (30min drive for the closest) GA fields to watch the planes take-off and land for a few hours.  We never really had much in the way of money, so lessons where never on the table, but that was more then enough to keep me happy.


Now a-days I take flight sims pretty seriously and am constently looking to taking it to that next step, I focus mostly on single and multi-engine props and I live for that Alaskan bush.  Following rivers, canyon's and roads all to find that little 800ft strip surrounded in trees with 2mi vis.. is, well, fun for me.  :)




That outta the way, heres the video:



Now, this flight was a get-up-and-go flight just to get reacquainted with FS again as I hadn't flown in a few weeks and was also my first flight in this plane.  Normally I plan things out, have alt. airfields set up, but this wasn't a serious flight and I really hadn't planned on recording, it was just the sky and plane looked so good.  :D


It gets pretty dark at the end and fullscreen will likely help you see, but honestly, I couldn't see anything myself.  I'd just flown in and out of here so many times I know the area like the back of my hand.






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Welcome to Mutley's Hangar and a nice video for your intro.  I'm sure you will continue to find things here informative, interesting and enjoyable.


I look forward to seeing you around and more of your video posts.  :thum:




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Hey Dan, welcome to the forum. :welcomeani:  Great video, little traffic taking off, nice scenery down the river valleys, cut scenes, a go-around to get more flight time in(we understand ;) ) and a safe landing at a unique airport. Well done. :thum:


Here are some panel lights, on the cheep, for ya.....Link, hey, whatever works. :D

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