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I have heard that a few times over the past year or two. I hope its not true and I also don't think they would do that to people that have purchased their product over the years. Where does that info come from, a reliable source?

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Don't believe all the idle rumors you hear about things like that. They haven't closed down the FS9 activation servers yet and that was published a couple of years earlier still.

Also, if that were to happen it would certainly justify, morally if not legally, that FSX users simply use a "cracked" version of FSX. No-CD versions of FS9 and 9.1 have been around for years to eliminate the need to have disk 4 in the drive. I don't normally condone using cracked software but if MS were to pull the plug on FSX I'd have to seriously re-think that.

I don't know if cracked FSX exists yet or not (suspect it probably does) but if it doesn't, there will be some within a few hours of the FSX activation servers being turned off.


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James (jaydor) is correct; if you do a full backup of your c: drive using disk imaging software then theoreticaly FSX should be recoverable in 5, 10 or 20 years time but with the caveat that your future computer/cpu may not be compatible with the MS -o/s you've backed up.


It's quite possible that future cpus may have 128-bit or even 256-bit architectures which may not be compatible with FSX or even win-7, or to go even more extreme, the desktop computer as we know it may not even exist - swamped by touch screen tablets of ever increasing size - Intel/Microsoft may have abandoned current cpu architectures and instruction sets completely.


So the only sure way of flying FSX for many more years will be to mothball a working PC + full software backups.


Of course future computers will be so powerful that emulators for popular operating systems will be available won't they?




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