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Hi I'm posting on Alan's behalf at the moment as he's been taken into St Richard's Hospital today with dizziness and breathing problems. We believe these problems are due to his angina and associated heart problems. The doctors are keeping him in so he has no access to a computer at present. I will be visiting him tomorrow and will up-date you when I'm home. Marie (Alan's wife)

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Hi Marie,

Please wish Alan a speedy recovery from myself and I'm sure, everyone at Mutley's Hangar.

We enjoy Alans participation on the Hangar and hope he is back with us again very soon.

Meanwhile, take care of yourself,

Kindest regards


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Very sorry to hear about Alan, please wish him all the very best from me and all the other Hangar-on's  at Mutley's  and at Just Flight  too. We are all missing you Matey.


Marie lets hope by the time of your next visit he will be on the mend and ready to come home very soon. :thum: Take care Alan.


Kind Regards   Mike H   

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Thank you all for your kind messages, I'm hoping to take the lappie in on Thursday when I visit. I spent the day with him today and his condition is much improved. They hope to move him from the Acute Medical Unit to a dedicated cardiac unit either tonight or tomorrow. Marie x

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