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FSX Volcanic Activity in Hawaii?

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Kilauea Map is an active vulcano the islands. In 1983 one of the eruptions started an you will only see the volcano in eruption in Flight Simulator on that year.

Change the time to a night of year 1983. Takeoff from Hilo Intl airport (PHTO), climb and maintain 5000 ft, and fly heading 204 for 23 nm. Return to PHTO on VOR 116.90.

From the SimTours site...


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I flew over that thing real world - "doors off" in  Hughes 500 (air tour). You could feel the heat at 500 ft.  It wasn't erupting then (call it 2004), but there was lava flowing down and into the ocean. There was a housing development, streets mostly, but a few houses that was cut in half by the lava flow. What were they thinking? Sort of like those folks who buy cheap real estate around the ends of runways then complain about the noise.

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Mais oui, mes amis ...... but I haven't in fact yet been able to see in FSX the volvanic activity that I remember in previous MSFS! ... what could I be doing wrong?

I'm in 1983 summer-dusk ... should I be at a more specific date/time (January 3rd for example), or is the spectacle there all (this) year round??

Can anyone confirm the position (on the big island, flying south out of HILO and tracking the coast line one should see something surely?!?!)

Thanks guys ...... David

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As far as I know no specific date is needed, it's active the whole year round and regardless of the time of day.


You need to get fairly close before you can see it though, and I suspect the coast is to far away.


Set up a flight plan from HILO to HI28, adding HI23 as a waypoint along the way and you should pass more or less straight over it on the leg from HI23 to HI28.

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Right! ... thanks, stu7708 ... I'll give it a go, but I seem to remember in FS5 that red hot molten lava was to be seen on the coast with a rather impressive vertical smoke do-da in to the see. This as well as more conventional smoke out of the active volcano inland coming out of its red hot core ...... exciting times;


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