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Credit where credit is due

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I bought a piece of software that was not applicable to the version of PMDG 737 that I have. Totally my fault. Pay attention, read the instructions (RTFM in some circles). Not the fault of the seller - not even close.


Caveat Emptor! You say.


The good folks at FS2 Crew (Bryan York) set me straight and supplied a download link to the RIGHT STUFF for the price of the difference between what I had paid for the wrong stuff and the price of the RIGHT STUFF.


OK in my books!

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Well done..


My guess is that such "errors" are the reason he started selling the Voice Control and Button Control versions as a bundle rather than as separate versions (more or less at the same price as one version would cost previously). The support forum was previously full of similar requests from people that had missed the info about the need for an English version of Windows to get the voice control version to work, and he would always supply a button control version to the customer instead...


School book example of good customer care...


Now, enjoy your co-pilot in the NGX John... just remember to run the Voice Recognition training in windows a few times first... when I got started I just dove right in, and my "Helper" couldn't understand a thing I said  ;) 

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When you do try the voice control version I strongly suggest getting a condensed version of the flows and checklists.

I use one found here.


@Brian: listening to me training the speech recognition most have been so boring... but if you learned something, good for you ;)

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