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Air Hauler & Rex Essentials + OD ?

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I have both products and think both are great. I've recently had to reload my FSX and want to re-install Air Hauler. My question is, both programs suggest/recommend starting FSX inside their respective programs so how does one accomplish this?


Currently I'm starting FSX from the "fly now" option inside REX essentials + OD menu.


If I re-install AH how do I start up FSX? Are you supposed to start FSX from inside AH?


Thank you and happy flying,


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You can go to Options in AH after you install it and turn on WideFS mode. You do NOT need to actually have WideFS, installed; the option just suppresses the FS autostart within AH.

Go through the AH My Jobs screen, proceed through the flight planning screens and go to the Cargo Loading screen. Once you've completed your cargo and fuel business, manually start your REX stuff, then manually start FSX. The first time you do it, pay particular attention that you hear the bongs from AH when you initially move the AC and about 50' AGL on takeoff. If you get the bongs, AH is alive and well and is monitoring your flight.


EDIT: Also, when you first get to the cockpit be sure that the fuel and cargo loading is as you set it in the AH Cargo Loading screen. It should be, but it's worth checking.


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You don't really have to start FSX from inside REX - after all, all REX does is copy textures inside the FSX folders.  If you start FSX independently (or from AH), they'll still be used.


You can start the Weather engine separately with REX also, so the way I do it is let AH load FSX, and then start the REX Wx engine (although I prefer Active Sky for my Wx).

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