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Have found a brilliant free addon for use in your simming. Use the Union Jack on the right side of the page for English..


There is so much in this program that you will wonder how you managed without it.

Use the tabs on the left hand side to select a function and there is a list of sub menus under each tab

You can even alter your FSX CFG here without going to your App data/roaming files.

There is a full description of what the change will do and a restore at anytime if you want to change back

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Useful program.  Alone, the ability to print the actual current keyboard control assignments in alphabetical order makes the program of real benefit to me.  Identify missing gauges seems another real plus.  I haven't checked things out extensively but the only thing that gave me real pause was a pet peeve of mine: stating that setting the wide screen mode to true has something to do with the aspect ratio of the monitor.  It does not.  It simply changes the normal view (what you see when you hit backspace) to .7 of normal.  A minor distortion which allows seeing more of the instrument panel but distortion none the less.

Thanks jaydor for bringing this to my attention.

Jim F.

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