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20 new liveries for DC-8 Jetliner Series 10 to 40!

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Add some distinctive DC-8 liveries from around the world to your fleet with these 20 new high resolution liveries for the -20, -30 and -40 series.


This new Livery Pack also includes a set of liveries at a standard resolution for those with lower performance PCs - the Performance Configuration tool supplied in the Service Pack 2 software lets you swap between High Resolution and Standard texture sizes so you can get the optimum frame rates for your system.




Eastern Air Lines 'Golden Falcon Jet' (N8606)
National Airlines - 'Sunburst' (N6573C)
Overseas National Airways - '1976 USA Bi-centennial' - N1976P



Air Zaïre (9Q-CLE)
Atlantis (D-ADIM)
Capitol International Airways (N905CL)
Delta Airlines (N8038A)
Garuda - Indonesian Airways (PH-DCB)
Japan Air Lines JAL 'Fuji' (JA8001)
KLM early stripe tail livery (PH-DCF)
Martinair (Holland) striped tail livery (PH-DCD)
Philippine Airlines (RP-C827)
Pomair Ostend (OO-TCP)
Spearair (OH-SOA)
TAE - Trabajos Aereos y Enlaces (EC-CCN)
Thai International - SAS lease livery (HS-TGR)
UTA - Union de Transports Aeriens (F-BIUY)



Air Ceylon (4R-ACT)
Alitalia Early stripe livery (I-DIWB)
Trans Canada Airlines (CF-TJD)


A quick reminder that Service Pack 2 software for DC-8 Jetliner Series 10 to 40 was released last Friday - we'd recommend that all users download the new software.

See the Support page for more information on the new SP2 software and installation instructions.

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I-DIWB alone is worth the whole package.

Sadly, this aircraft (flight # AZ112) crashed at Palermo airport on march 5 1972.

As many accidents in that particular period for Italy (so called "years of lead", anni di piombo), still no one knows if it has been caused by a pilot error or something completely different, such as an outrage by mafia or subversive Extreme Right group, or a clumsy NATO fighters training.

More info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alitalia_Flight_112


I guess the DC-8 should jump in my shopping list anyway.

Does anybody know if it's P3D 1.4 compliant?

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