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ENB series for FS9 in Windows 7 64bit

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Has anyone any experience of a set up like this? 


I run GE Pro and REX.  I realise I am getting near the peak of what is possible in FS9 but I saw some great screenies made with ENB on board. 





This PC for FS9: Q9650 3.0GHz; 4GB (tweak done); GTX 260 2GB; Win7 x64 Home Premium

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It works fine in FS9 though you may want to adjust the ini file to your personal taste. Some variants work others do not. I have quite a large collection of ENB variants so if you have problems, PM me with your email address and I shall send you a selection of good versions...see which suits your personal taste.


EDIT:  I have put a small selection here to save messing around:-https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7s4i187bz1zkth8/ntOELGYxg5

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