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So, a passenger taps his taxi driver on the shoulder. The driver shits himself, swerves, nearly hits a bus, and stops inches from a shop window. "F**k me, you're jumpy aren't you?" says the passen

United Airlines. The airline that put the hospital in hospitality.

Going off topic here but I owe my existence to a Mr Hitler. (Even more reason to hate him  I hear you say). My parents met during and because of WW2. My father was stationed near where my mother lived

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That has to be the first time the innocent word 'frisk' has been threatened with deletion. :cool: A bit tenous some of these.
Margot the Midge(t).

Zanussi the fridge...

I was warning myself there UM with Frolic :dance2:

Appliance of Science

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(We can't read and we can't write, but that don't really matter, 'cos we all come from Cheltenhamshire and we can drive a tra-errr. Oo argh, oo argh, oo argh ooargh ooarrgh. CHeltenhamshire, la la la, cheltenhamshire, la la la)

A song sung on the terraces of Whaddon Road, my local team (Football/soccer) Cheltenham's home ground :mrhappy:

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