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Miles M.28 / M.38 'Messenger'

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The very first ever release of this aircraft for FS9, with many thanks to David Molyneaux of ClassicBritishFiles.com I present to you all, The Miles M.38 'Messenger 2A'

The Messenger was designed to meet a British Army requirement for robust, slow speed, low maintenance, air observation post and liaison aircraft. The aircraft designed was a cantilever low-wing monoplane with fixed tailwheel powered by de Havilland Gipsy Major 1D in-line engine. The prototype was converted from a Miles M.28 Mercury and first flew at Woodley on 12 September 1942. The aircraft had a good short field performance but only a small order for use as a VIP transport was placed for the British Royal Air Force as the Messenger I.

Wartime users of the aircraft included Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery and Marshal of the RAF Lord Tedder.

After the war the Messenger 2A was built for the civilian market. The production aircraft were built at Newtownards in Northern Ireland and flown to Woodley for final fitting out. After 71 aircraft were built production of the aircraft ceased in 1948.

During the war a prototype aircraft was built as the M.48 Messenger 3 with fully retractable flaps. The model was not further developed as it did not provide any advantage over the other variants.

When the RAF retired surviving aircraft in 1948 they were in good condition and were converted for civilian use as the Messenger 4A.

The aircraft was a popular touring and racing aircraft during the late 1940s and early 1950s. In 1954 Harold Wood won the King's Cup Race air race at 133 mph.

This wonderful M.28/M.38 model for FS9 features a full panel with custom gauges, realistic sound recordings from surviving Messengers, full moving parts/animations and two very well researched aircraft paints - the military version (an M.28) used personally by Field Marshal Sir Bernard 'Monty' Montgomery and the famous civilian paint of G-AKBO, an M.38, that won the Kings Cup Race in 1954.


Paint Kit

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