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OOOPS...  I guess I should have posted this here


This appears to be incorrect...  the radials do not intersect.


"Navigate to Waypoint 2 - intersection of 167 deg OB radial from TIR VOR and 160 deg bearing to LAY NDB"

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Are you using the Show Radial option in PlanG Rick?


If so, make sure you zoom into the LAY NDB close enough to separate the NDB from the DME/VOR. You might be showing the OB 340* course from the ISY DME instead of the 340* from the LAY NDB, they are almost right on top of one another.


I made the same mistake myself the first time when I was checking this out for you. Done correctly you will end up west (around 288* and 13nm) from EGEY.   :)

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