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Uh oh.....Appears that there is a problem with logging onto JF Account.

Ive tried to reset my password twice now and still I just get taken back to the main account log on page. I did note that the url mentions "www.justflight.com/account/login?returnurl=/account"

What is "returnurl" ??

Can someone please give it a go to see if its just me? JF are closed now till tuesday and if its a widespread problem they're going to miss out on a lot of potential sales..

Thanks guys :)

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Logged in to my JF account and no problems. Mention it on the JF forum JF staff monitor it and might help. Good luck.

Got in, in the end. Not sure what the problem was, but looks like it's playing ball now :D



 Glad you got it sorted Steph. So what are you going to get from JF? There's nothing in the sale that I really want or haven't got already.


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I checked it out too, nothing for me either for the same reasons as Geoff. :(  Still nice to see JF having more sales, than other companies, to tempt us simmers. :thum:


Brett, you should have grabbed the DC6 when it was on sale, I'm sure you would like it. Next time eh? :thum: 

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Maybe next time. :)


I have so many aircraft that I like, it is starting to get too long to load up the hangar, so at this point am starting to be more selective. This selection had a lot of passenger planes and I am more of a GA flyer except for dabbling in the Q400 right now. There is always next time. :D  

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