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Hi everybody


I would need some help regarding my latest payware aircraft.....PMDG's 737 NGX. It's a wonderful aircraft, I definitely love it, but the fact is that it crashes in some occasions...


If i take a look at the map and then get back to FSX, i get a whole black screen and the hateful Microsoft's fatal error.... or, if I apply differential thrust, for example for lining up on the runway, it does the same, but by freezing the actual screen, instead of showing the black screen.


Now, as I have paid 70 bucks, I'd love to solve this pretty annoying issue....


Any ideas?


I'm running W8 and never had this kind of problem before, not even on the PMDG 747-4.





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Bin windows 8 nothing runs properly on it due to lack of VAS available

I gave up finally after installing 8.1 which was supposed to fix some things, in fact it is worse than 8

if you want a good fsx sim install 7 with the service pack, there is no alternative for FSX

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Hi Eric, welcome to the forums here at Mutley's Hangar. :welcomeani:


Although some have gotten win8 to work, your best bet is win7, although that will be a pain in the butakis for sure. See if MS will exchange it for free, worth a shot.


PMDG aircraft do use a lot of resources, have you tried lowering certain settings, autogen, and scenery for starters to see if that relieves some of the pressure off of your computer. Try to slow your screen changes also. 

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