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Ground Environment Pro for FS9

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I have done a fresh install of FS9 using new HDDs.  As part of this I have installed GE Pro along with a goodly number of ground textures for the various types of cloud covers.


Must I run GE Pro each time before running FS9?  In other words, when the PC boots, does it re-install the default FS9 textures or has it retained the GE Pro textures from a previous session?

I also run FSX but on a different PC. I've gone the Orbx route with it.


I'd be grateful for advice, so thanks! 



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Hi John,


You only need to install GE Pro once, the PC retains the new textures you have installed until you over-write them with something else. I believe it keeps a back up of the original textures in case you want to uninstall it.


Hope that helps


Happy flying!



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