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Best add on textures/landclass for europe, expecially uk in FSX?

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FTXEngland is a full region that includes everything from top to bottom, 

  • Over 130,410 sq km of FTX scenery!
  • Brand new beautiful ground textures
  • New trees made from local photographs
  • Roads, rivers, coastlines, lakes, railways
  • 10m Holgermesh for crisp definition
  • All major and many minor airports upgraded
  • Custom UK airport objects and markings
  • Impressively detailed City of London
  • Numerous polygon landclass areas
  • Hand-crafted landclass for entire region
  • Developed in Hampshire, UK
  • Hand placed super-accurate autogen

these regions are all sold separately.(England, Scotland, Wales, PasficNorthWest, California, etc.)




ORBX also sells Global products to improve default scenery for the entire world that include;


FTXGlobal has new textures that replace default FSX textures and cover the world 


FTXVectors has new vector data that covers the world (rail, road, river etc.)


FTX openLC are going to be a series of new landclass sold separately to cover the world (only Europe is out now)


The global products do work better if you also include a new high def mesh product like Pilot's FS Global 2010 (FTX compatible)

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I used UTX and removed in favour of the ORBX set.  I have Global, Vectors, England, Scotland, Wales and North and southern Ireland.


I am very happy with it all, I do a lot of navigation with the Mk 1 eyeball and map, and it is good enough for that.


I found UTX just didn't work well for me.  While I am at it, I found that photo real scenery was very disappointing below 5,000 feet. It tended to blur when very low, and looks very flat. ORBX is, in my humble opinion, far better at low levels.

I guess if you are flying civil jets, then that may be OK.  I fly military, and very low, and for that ORBX is way better.  

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So ftx england has textures AND landclass? I get a bit confused between the 2 as a newbie. Wouldnt GEX and Utx also give both but over the whole of europe not just england?

Is it therefore a choice between ftxengland or GEX with UTX?




Hi Andy, just to end the confusion, the textures are the actual "picture" tiles that are used to cover the terrain mesh, whereas landclass tells the sim what type of texture to use, i.e. urban, grain fields, forest etc.


But doesnt GEX and UTX do that for the whole of europe?


GEX and UTX do cover all europe, but FTX Global covers the whole world! There are no terrain upgrades that include fully upgraded airports, those have to be bought seperately, however if you get a specific region of FTX scenery, eg. England, the airports are improved a lot from default, but not as much as buying the airport as a standalone addon.



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To be totally honest, although I agree UTX / GEX is older than FTX Global (  but I'm happy with it and don't want to spend more money in FSX  ) it also covers on my PC, outside Europe :  USA,  Canada, Alaska, Africa and Middle East, Atlantic and Pacific tropical islands + Central America, South America and Asia. That's already a few places where you can fly

Fortunately there is also for airfields/airports another nice source called "freeware". :)

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As I will be mainly flying in the uk and germany I think the combination of GEX/UTX and uk2000 would be a good plan?

Ive been put off ORBX england by some of the comments on the web about it being difficult to uninstall and that it overwrites some Fsx settings.

Mind you if its as good as they say then it wouldnt need to be uninstalled!

Can FTX england work in combination with GEX.? I.e if FTX is placed higher in the fsx scenery files than GEX would I get the benefit of FTX england and GEX in the rest of Europe?

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I never tried as I stayed with my old UTX/GEX combination, but I doubt it would be a good idea to mix them with ORBX stuff. I'm affraid you will have to chose to go down one road or the other. If I had to take the decision today, I would probably go down the ORBX road which is more modern and still in motion. 

I'm used to UTX/GEX and as said before I don't plan in investing more money in FSX. ( Besides this I am probably too lazy to deinstall / reinstall the whole stuff )

Exception : I might although later install ORBX for New Zealand as I have some plans to fly there and it is obviously the very best scenery you can find these days.

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Can FTX england work in combination with GEX.? I.e if FTX is placed higher in the fsx scenery files than GEX would I get the benefit of FTX england and GEX in the rest of Europe?


The answer to that question is both yes and no...


When using FTX regions these have to be activated through their FTX Central application, and while the region is activated you might run into some strange anomalies if you fly in areas outside of the area covered.


So for a flight that transitions between the areas in FTX England and those outside you might see some strange effects over mainland Europe (And Wales, Scotland and Ireland if you skip those FTX regions). But if you disable FTX England when you fly over mainland Europe you will see GEX textures there as they should be...

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